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Hello everyone, today I want to continue to bring you more from ABC/ A Breakfast Convo. The first item I want to show off is these beautiful shawls. They are mesh, come in five sizes, and have the appliers for Ghetto Booty and Phat Azz. You will definitely love these as the weather heats up and you start to dress in more items for summer. They come in an array of colors.





Next, are briefs that you are sure to love. They also come in an assortment of different colors from dark to light.





Last, but not least are the Moschino Undie skirts. Comes in five colors and includes a mesh attachment that brings it all together.


moschino skirt full



moschino skirts




Skin: Egozy. Mendoza. Golden. Nude

Lips: Buzz. Jelly Lips

Hair: Exile. Crazy in Love. Raven


Watch: Illmatic. Medusa Kors. Platinum

Shoes: Renegade. Amanduh. Ultra Platform Wedges. White

Purse: Ricielli. Mesh Gia Purse




Skin: Egozy. Mendoza. Golden. Nude

Lips: Pink Acid. Pom Pom. Light Pink

Hair: Spellbound. Nahara


Shoes: Faun. Faux Leather Heel



Mosh Pit

mosh pitt

Today I bring some great news! I am now a blogger for A Breakfast Convo and there are new releases that you will definitely love. I want to show case there new jeans, Cloth 2 Cut Jeans in Black. They are too sexy and also come in blue. I love a high waist jean because it shows off the curves real nicely.

Skin: Egozy // Anjali // Coffee // Soft
Eyes: Dead Apples // Twinkle // Rust
Hair: Little Bones // Trouble (Group Gift)
Freckles & Mole: OkBye // Moles & Freckles // Imperfections
Lips: Pink Acid // Justina // Lips (teeth)

Top: Lethal Couture // My Sports Bra // White
Pants: A Breakfast Convo (ABC)// Cloth 2 Cut Jeans// Black

Ring: GFD // Knuckles Ring // Black
Ring 2: Real Rage // The Pyramid Ring // Silver
Bracelet: 7891. // Uptown // I.D// Silver
Shoes: Candy Doll // Cluber // Black
Bracelet: Faun // Snake Charmer Bracelet // Onyx
Bag: Glow Studio // Silver Fur Tiger
Earring: Pure Poison // Silver Spiked Pierce
Piercing: Suicidal Unborn // Septum Piercing // Metal