Let Me Be Your Nightmare

Credit and SURLS for all items are @ Dolly Loli / Let Me Be Your Nightmare

Let Me Be Your Nightmare * Dolly Loli

Credit and SURLS for all items are @ Dolly Loli / Let Me Be Your Nightmare

Haunted houses – they are supposed to be fun, right? You think it is just the atmosphere of the rooms, the cobwebs, spiders, and decrepit and worn down furniture are what gives them the spooky area. Well, what happens when you’re wrong, and all the rumors defy all science and logic, and you actually find something? What do you do? How do you handle it?

Trust no Bitch

Trust No Bitch * Thrifty Goth Guest Post

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Items from: Antisocial Web Hunt, Mum’s Day Gacha Fair

New releases: Pantsu Hunter (Horns and Wings), Hair from EMBW only $100L

Free: Skin (Hunt), Mesh Eyes (Group Gift), Free Blush, Free Piercings (Dimples, Group Gift), Free Mesh Tank (Hunt), Free Knife Prop (Hunt)

Discounts/Sales: $50L Stockings (Slink, Phat/Cute Azz), Poses were from a past Fifty Linden Fridays

Quote: “Belittling, bullying, and lying is not the way to success. This is why nobody trusts each other anymore. Second Life is our second chance to get things right. Why does it need to be negative? Why do we cause each other pain?” ~ Taisynn