… sanatorium …

... sanatorium ...
May 27th 2022

I have traveled for the last 3 of four weeks in May and brought home a souvenir. COVID. Today I am finally feeling like I am on the mend. The loss of energy is the worst part of this virus for me. PAXLOVID was free and a huge help in my recovery. I'm able to sit for brief periods of time so I'm trying to do what I love - blogging. I am a bit behind, but I put myself on vacation in BLOGOTEX until Tuesday. That has bought me time. My sponsors are really great, no pressure as long as I fulfill my obligations monthly. As I've always stated, I keep that circle tight so I can always make my deadlines.  I really love who has entrusted me with their items. Such a pleasure to create and share with you all. Here's to recovery and sponsorship! Until next time...

TLC Royal Birds Collection_Peregrine**
The Royal Birds Collection - Peregrine falcon, Gyrfalcon, Kestrel, in 3 variants, perched, flying and an animesh wearable version
shown in photo:
TLC Peregrine Falcon _free standing

Trompe Loeil - Sebase Hot Tub + Fire Pit Set PG [mesh] - only @ APLHA

Outdoor decor has never been so stylish or inviting - the Sebase Hot Tub + Fire Pit set the stage for all-season fun!
The Sebase Hot Tub is a dark metal round tub filled with animated water effects - water jet, steam, and sound effects are available on touch menu. new added animations for 2022! The tub is housed under a wooden pavilion with animated seating cushions and stringlights with on/off functionality on touch. Add it to the optional rectangle deck patio base and top it off with a stylish woven net basket housing a potted monstera! The matching Sebase Fire Pit is an ultra-sleek powdered black metal design that also houses your firewood stash, and includes a working burning fire with on/off settings on touch, and an animated seat with beer and roasting marshmallow props to go along with a wide selection of single seating animations. extra firewood included

shown in photo:
Trompe Loeil - Sebaste Covered Hot Tub PG Dark
Trompe Loeil - Sebaste Towel
Trompe Loeil - Sebaste Seating Cushion
Trompe Loeil - Sebaste Firepit

Fancy Decor: Canopy Chair @UBER

8f8 - Whites @ Cosmopolitan 
8f8 - Whites - Pavilion GROUP GIFT
8f8 - Whites - Vines
8f8 - Whites - Summer Circle of Life & Words of Wisdom
8f8 - Whites - Summer Circle of Life
8f8 - Whites- Spring Circle of Life

Apple Fall Camille Bird Bath - (Washed Stone) - 2 Ver available for Farmers Market now at main store

Nutmeg. Mint Iced Tea Tray - 60L Weekend Sale (previous week)
Nutmeg. Hose Pot - 60L Weekend Sale item

Heart - Wild Flowers - Campion
{vespertine} - botanical vertical curtain. Now available @ Kustom 9

Jay BattleScars  - PREMIUM - CLOUDS - NATURE 9.0 M

… birds in the spring morning …

... birds in the spring morning ...
TLC Budgies_Rainbow Set*@BLOOM
TLC Budgies_Pastels Set*@BLOOM
TLC Budgies_Classic Set* @BLOOM

Each set comes with a Bobbing Budgie, Budgie, companion, and a home. 

When you touch the animal, you will get a menu pop up which will allow you to change the texture, adjust and turn the sound on/off.
Right click on the wearable version in your inventory, and select 'add'.
To adjust the position, right click the animal, select edit and then use the regular SL edit tools to move the bird.
... birds in the spring morning ...
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Complete Set @ BLOOM
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair w/Cushion Adult
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair w/Throw Adult
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Table
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Eggs
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Newspaper
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Snowdrop Pot
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Tea Set
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Willow

Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Tulips
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Sofa Adult
Nutmeg. Book Pile / 1
Nutmeg. Book Pile / 4
Nutmeg. Book Pile / 5
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Table
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Carpet

Nutmeg. Sunroom Purse
Nutmeg. Orchard Treat Falling Apple
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Rose Bonus Item
... birds in the spring morning ...
Apple Fall Recycled Wood Sideboard
[Cinoe] Yellow bliss - Pound cake (Lemon)
[Cinoe] Yellow bliss - Pound cake and coffee (Lemon)

Scarlet Creative Beach House 

All You Need Is Love…

The Mustard Seed & Kaya's Ray of Sunshine

Valentine’s Day living room designed with 50% off items!


New Year. New Space!

Dreamland Designs- Ashley Bedroom

Dreamland Designs new release 50% off!


A step back into time

Farmhouse_Exterior Overview

Join me on a journey back in time… 

Making an entrance!

Entry Hall

Make the first impression of your home memorable!

Park Place’s generous offers

The Lexi Project Donation- Haven Chair & Table Clock

100% donation items for The Lexi project!

Teahouse of the August Moon

Tea House Side View

Easily incorporate The Challenge new theme Asian into your home!