Behind the Scenes: Freebie Hunting 101

A guide to all things free on Second Life @ Dolly Loli

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Behind the Scenes: Freebie Hunting 101 * Dolly Loli

Free Mesh Hair w/ Hud, Free Mesh Lolita Dress, Free Phat/Cute Azz Socks, Free Mesh Eyes, $60L Mesh SHoes w/ Hud Also:
– Explanations as to what Lucky Chairs & Midnight Mania Are
– Huge list of freebie hunting groups, blogs, and websites

FTC Guidelines & What they Mean to You

Behind the Scenes: FTC Regulations and You

Behind the Scenes: FTC Guidelines & What they Mean to You!

If you blog Second Life, this is a must read article you do not want to miss out on! Also $50L chalk board, school outfit, and more!

Read the article or read the FTC guidelines for yourself [here] This affects us all as bloggers!