Dem Bones

Hey Pooks!

Are you all enjoying your Thursday? I’m glad to say my net is behaving itself today (don’t talk too soon Brook!)

So here we are with news from Forever Young at Bloody Horror Fair, {Vision} – S&F at Halloween fair, L.Warwick at N21, and Insanya, Hollipocket & [QE] at Body Mod Expo.

Dem Bones - Full


Dem Bones

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Look Beyond The Mask

Ello again Dolls!

So I’m back in the studio for this posty, to be honest, its only because its been sooooo long since I did a studio post, and I couldn’t face going out and choosing a location lol – I’m tired k?!

So here we are with more goodies from the upcoming Bling Hunt. All the goodies  – as previously mentioned – are only 1L for all the lucky huntresses! As you can see there are some seriously kick ass (almost) freebs, this is one hunt deffo worth the effort!


Look Beyind The Mask


Look Beyond The Mask - Closer

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No Place Like Home

Heya me darlin’s!

I thought I’d come into the house for todays post, as its somewhere I have never taken any pics, and as Atooly have some cute housey items out, I thought It was a very good excuse to ditch the studio for a bit 😀 To be completely honest, I spend so little time in my lil house, not all the rooms are even decorated yet, just another job to add to the list eh 😀

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Puppy Love

Ello Angels ❤

I know I have benn a lil obsessed with WCF lately, but theres soooo much I wanna share with you guys, that I’m afraid I will be for a lot longer!

But meanwhile, over at The Arcade, Birdy have some more of those heart-stoppignly cute lil doggies that were first (for me anyway) seen at Mens Dept. These dogs tho all come in individual lil outfits, dressed as other animals – I swear – too cute – so I got 2 to keep my original Boston Terrier company. I will end up with a full litter I’m sure 😀

But, getting back to WCF, the fantastic and rather gorgeous Hollipocket has some exclusive sexiness for us, in the form of some smoking little lacey tops, (coming in packs of 5 and including appliers for Tango Boobs and Slink Hands) & a remix on the Bend Me Over Skirts, the new twist on these being the addition of recolorable hip bows and a choice of lace or net underskirt. These skirts are compatible with mesh assses as they are resizable with a X, Y, Z menu. Skirts come in packs of 6.

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Butterfly Kiss

Ello MeDears,

Forever Young have the cutest lil tops out for the current round of Silicone. They come in 2 packs, and each includes clothing layers, plus appliers for Tango & Mirage boobies, and Slink hands , in 6 colours per pack.

I also found more cute lil mesh skirts for Phat Azz – yay! They come in a ton of colours, plus denim, vinyl and patterned packs – I’m a ver’ happy bunny!

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