Best & Worst Meme: A Tale Of Two Peeps

My Monday Meme and goodies from Cosmopolitan Sales Room and the SLebrity SLection Street Sale!

Pics by Peep

1 Blah 1211_008

I could easily quote Charles Dickens here, but I’m not going to go the easy route. OK, so I kinda did in the title, but forgive me – Dickens is one of my favourite authors so I couldn’t let it go without mention!

Miss Berry has asked us to share our Bests & Worsts related to Second Life. At first glance, this seemed to be an easy challenge, but while thinking about the questions I realised it’s not that simple. There are so many good – and bad – things about Second Life it is hard to narrow it down. I shall, however, do my best not to make this the worst meme I’ve done!

Here’s what she asked us to do:

Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the questions and answers below, delete my answers and input your own. The twist is, the final question you need to change…

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Questions About Linden Lab’s TOS: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

My thoughts on the recent ToS changes and a one day sale!

Pics by Peep

1 Blah Slacey_011

This week, Strawberry Singh hasn’t really created a meme (in her words). Instead, she wants our views on the recent change to the Linden Labs TOS for Second Life users. This is one of the biggest controversies I have been aware of during my five year tenure in SL. And while I am not a creator, the change to the TOS has opened my eyes.

Instead of a list of instructions, Berry has just asked that we answer her questions, either in a blog post or in the comments of her post. She has linked to quite a few resources about the changes, so if you are unaware of what has changed, hop over to her blog and hit the links.

I admit that, while I am not a creator in Second Life, these updates have given me pause to think. Enough to consider leaving Second Life? No. But…

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Summer Breeze


What I’m Wearing 

Top –  *MESH*  Bethany Top  blah.BLAH.blah @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Shorts –  Unbuttoned Denim Summer Shorts  blah.BLAH.blah @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Shoes –  Slink Aussie Thongs Black  Slink


Piercing –  Dimple Piercings (Gemstone) – Basics  <-Puncture->

Nails –  Milky Way Ring & Nails/gaga black  [Mandala]

Necklace –  EarthStones perfect fit necklace  EarthStones

Ring –  Trinity – Platinum  Lapointe & Bastchild Jewelry

Feet –  Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet  Slink

Hair –  Crazy in Love: Naturals – Marone  ::Exile::


Eyes – Gem Eyes / 2-pack / Pink  .ID.

Skin –  .::WoW Skins::. Debbie Tan  .::WoW Skins::. @ Designer’s Circle

Shape –  Aniezka Shape (PF – Elena)  .Pekka.

Pose –  Swimsuit Ed.2   ::~Juxtapose~::