Correct ways to contact a creator if you need to.

Most creators write at their profile how to contact with them. Some say do not speak to me speak to my manager. Some say no im only notecards. If those seems rude to you it does not matter, if you need their help follow their rules.

Always no matter what, write in a polite way so you get the help you need and always follow their rules on how to ask for their help.

If you have pay for something and you do not have it try first the redelivery. If it is from their shop try there, if it is from marketplace it has a redelivery there too.

If you need any kind of help for something you pay for- send them your prove of your payment and the exactly name of the item.  The money prove can be found if you login to sl web page and see where is says Home then Account and it has an arrow click it and then chose from there the Transaction History, that’s where you can see what you pay for.

Do not waste their time by saying I need help without saying exactly what the problem is and what item is for and without showing, you have pay for it first.

Do not scream or threat them or be rude you will only get them mad and they will not help you.

Always try the demo first always. Some reasons are not going to be refunded because you can see them in the demo.

Always read the picture vendor and their rules before you buy and at marketplace always read the description to see what you are getting before you buy.

If they have a mail box at their shop use it too even if you have send a notecard. Sl eats if you have many message in one day eats most of them.

Give them time to login and speak to you, we all have our real life and so many things can come up and make us unable to login for days.

If you do not get any help after waiting for 2 weeks and you have send 2 times your notecard in case its gone (one each week)and went to the shop to see if they have a mail box too, then write your bad review. NOT BEFORE YOU DO ALL THOSE THINGS = you will be the rude person if you do without trying to talk to them first.


Do not take out your negative feeling on them go for a walk, throw cold water on your face first, calm down.

Yes, they are some creators that will treat you rude with no reason just because they are rude people or get their bad day on you. Just do not shop from them and leave one star saying they talk to you so rude and move on. Do not let it make your day bad.  Let karma do its job on them not on you!!:DDD