From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Ello again Loves ❤

Quicky post tonight as its taken me so long to take the pics – every time I found somewhere, settled in, chose a windlight & poses, etc,  Id get disturbed by random people. Why are people so fkn irritating? Yes, yes nice tits/ass/etc, but yaknow they’re not real, right? Lol SMDH.
(Actually I’ve just had a funny thought, maybe my outfit hadn’t rezzed and they thought I was standing there nearly nekkid? Lol, well whatever, probably isn’t the first time, definitely wont be the last!)

Anyhooo, on to todays LOTD – a very cute complete outfit, brand new, by Bens Boutique. Consisting of aviator shades, shorts, shirt, boots and earrings ❤

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