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Horror Haute and News @ *GFD*

For May round of “Horror Haute” 

Original Mesh horns “BONE+BLOOD” Limited Edition
50L$ with resize script
There are some HUNTs on going @ *GFD* Store
free and dollarbie!
On 23th May the “Dangerous Curves” Hunt start.
For this sexy Hunt I have made 
3 versions of this top NEW and EXCLUSIVE for this hunt. 
For Only 1 L$ Included Boobs & WowMeh Applier!!

Cotton Candy Hunt

GFD - Metal Toy Bracelet AD

Hey Girlz!!
The Cotton Candy Hunt start soon (4th May),
and I have made an Original Mesh bracelet in 4 colors, 

2 Versions with resize script, only for this event.

Hint: “I’m a bunny, and I have an Egg!” (2L$)
Search a Pink cotton candy.

For more info and starting point: Candy Events

Have Fun!!


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