… all we have is each other …

... all we have is each other...
Location: Maison de L'amitie
Poses: InMotion New AO - Jenni see details below

[ONYX] Dead Inside Tattoo
[ONYX] Dead Inside Tattoo-Full

7 Deadly s[K]ins - LOSING Shape+Skin+Lips@ DUBAI
7 Deadly s[K]ins - LOSING DEF shape [EVO x Avalon] 
[7DS] - BODY 2020 LOSING bom skin CARAMEL
7 Deadly s[K]ins - LOSING DEF eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]

[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo FRECKLED caramel
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL

:: DeepStatic :: Charlotte Glasses - UBER EVENT
:: DS :: Charlotte Glasses

FashionNatic - Jamila Set - w/Mystery HUD @ Cosmopolitan
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Jamila Pants Fatpack Colors
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Jamila Top Fatpack Colors
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Left - Jamila Platforms Fatpack
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Right - Jamila Platforms Fatpack

KUNGLERS - Danuza ring
KUNGLERS - Danuza ring - Maitreya 

KUNGLERS - Pinah earrings

MOWIE - "Pruca" Bag (unpacked)
MOWIE - "Pruca" Bag [Pose 1]

tram  A330 hair / fatpack - Gift
tram  A330 hair / black

[ INMOTION ] Jenni AO now at the new store location or marketplace
[ INMOTION ] AO Jenni V0.42
InMotion Jenni AO is extremely user friendly and allows for great customization.
The InMotion Jenni AO features: 17 Stands. 5 Walks. 4 Runs. 3 Ground Sit. Sits. Flying. Dancing. Falling, Turning. Crouching. Swimming including under water swimming

[Rezz Room] Basset Hound Animesh
[Rezz Room] Basset Hound Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0

… I’ll shout it out like a bird set free…

... I'll shout it out like a bird set free...
[ONYX] Floral Tattoo
[ONYX]]Floral Tattoo- Black

[Onyx] Miral shape For LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1 E/R/K/L/F
[Onyx] Miral shape
[ONYX] Face Moles 1-Evox

7 Deadly s[K]ins - ELZA skin@ DUBAI ends 10th
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo FRECKLED caramel

// L // - Nail_Maitreya_Left
// L // - Nail_Maitreya_Right

:: DeepStatic :: Claire Glasses@Cosmo until 3.5.22
:: DS :: Claire Glasses

FashionNatic - Imogen Shirt Dress with Top-Cosmopolitan Event
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Imogen Shirt Dress With Top Fatpack
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Panties

KUNGLERS - Leeza bracelets @ FaMesheD March
KUNGLERS - Leeza bracelet R

KUNGLERS - Soraia necklace @ DUBAI
KUNGLERS - Soraia necklace

KUNGLERS - Susan rings T/K/L/M/S @Exclusive Feb FaMeshED
KUNGLERS - Susan rings - Maitreya

TLC Pink Hybrid Cockatoo*
TLC Pink Hybrid Cockatoo - Companion  - Wear Me

tram  A328 hair / black - Gift

Location: doorway at the L2 Studio CONVERTED OLD SCHOOLHOUSE 111  LI. Sim is open to all. awesome low lag, highly decorated sim. 

… keeping an eye on the news about Ukraine. ..

... keeping an eye on the news about Ukraine ...
[Onyx] Lela shape for LeLUTKA Lilly Head 3.1 69L until the 27th
[Onyx] Lela shape for LeLUTKA Lilly Head 3.1 -Freya

[ONYX] Egyptian Queen Tattoo 
[AONYX]Egyptian Queen Tattoo-Fresh

-[ vagrant ]- Isabella Vintage Patterns 
-[ vagrant ]- Isabella Shirt - Maitreya - Vintage Pattern
-[ vagrant ]- Isabella Skirt - Maitreya - Vintage Pattern

::C'est la vie !:: Dede Bag @ The Warehouse
::C'est la vie !:: Dede Bag

KUNGLERS - Soraia necklace @ DUBAI
KUNGLERS - Soraia necklace

KUNGLERS - Susan rings T/K/L/M/S @Exclusive Feb FaMeshED
KUNGLERS - Susan rings - L - Maitreya
KUNGLERS - Susan rings - R - Maitreya

MOWIE - "Vlada" Sandals
MOWIE - "Vlada" Sandals [Maitreya]

tram C407 hair / FATPACK - Gift no group needed
tram  C407 hair / amber (size40)


Hey Lovelies,

today I want to recharge, cos starting today there´ll be several awesome events rocking your SL to the core!  One of them is Pumpkintown of which I had a lil preview and trust me – you´ll love it as much as I do.

I´ll give you much more details tomorrow but for now have this preview:


Giving me strength:


Doux Tegan @Dubai until Octobre 10th
AVEC TOI Runaway Set @Uber until Octobre 22nd

Pumpkintown – open later today until Octobre 31st presents:

Enchantress´Pastel Goth Witch Set Gacha:
♥Animated Ouija Boards *Pumpkintown GIFT*
♥Hand Cage Chair *Rare1*
♥Enchanged Crystal Ball
♥Goth and Pastel Goth Crystals
♥Gothic Witchy Frame *Rare2*

*NeverWish* Moon Glow Skybox

BattleScars  22.0 TWO WAY, LumiPro illuminating me

Be prepared – the wild right and bumpy journey is starting tomorrow.

Take care,



Undead TeaParty

Akasha´s Blog

Hey Lovelies,

I feel rather undead right now (my brother in law moved into his first appartment nearby and has started University today, following in his brother´s footsteps so we had a short night also Jonian had to get up early today) sooo I decided to look out for a calm spot for another teaparty. I warned you I´d have several of these. I can promise you this won´t be the last either 😉

Undead Teaparty

What is that strange stuff you ask?


Doux Tegan @Dubai until Octobre 10th

Necrosis – open until Octobre 11th presents:
Goodies.I.Need Frankenstein – TeaSet
Pixelancer Biofilm
Whats Lost Spirits Mental Patient Explode
Dark Love Pandora Outfit Crown, Veil and Wings
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Webspinners
{WitchCraft}Corpsy Dress

Decor that came to me in the woods:
*3rd Eye Perception Animesh Bonies 21
*(Milk Motion)

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The Beginning

Akasha´s Blog

Hey Lovelies,

ok… we all knew that it was coming and here it is: HALLOWEEN!!!

The first events have started and oh boy, they bring you some awesome stuff. Look… LOOOOOOK!!!!!

The Beginning_001The Beginning_002

What´s all that awesomeness you ask?


Doux Tegan @Dubai until Octobre 10th
Goodies.I.Need Ouija Lips and Halloween Blush
B.D.R. Fishnet Addiction
[JUSTICE] Rebel Jeans
*Epic Limited Edition* Cosmic Mesh Monster Shus!

Necrosis – open until Octobre 11th presents:
Goodies.I.Need Frankenstein – Free Cupcake – GIFT
Lilith´s Den – Gdanagla
Spookshow Halloween Collar
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Webspinners
+Psycho Barbie+ Necrosis Tee

additional Decor dragged up from the grounds of  Salem (open until Octobre 31st):
*The Horror! Hallow´s Confetti
*+Half-Deer+ Skeleton Cat
*TLC Skeleton Dog
*CHEZ MOI Vampire Cat

FOXCITY Glitter Box

BattleScars 24.0 MADNESS

allright I gotta dash, I´ll tell you more soon!

Take care,

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Akasha´s Blog

Hey Lovelies,

today I want to remind you of TWO Birthdays that triggered something awesome, both offers don´t last long though so hurry.

1. TWE12VE has it´s Birthday Round until the 30th. I know you already know that, my lovelies, but I just don´t want you to miss out on all the Cheapies the designers have set out for you. This Cup is one of them!

2. Our beloved Blueberry has had her RL Birthday and being the awesome Berry she is she´s doing a giveaway on FB and there´s a 500L Credit Voucher waiting in the GroupNotice along with a 48hr Sale that lasts until tomorrow, Sept. 25th. The GroupJoinFee for her group is 350L but there´s a lot of gifts out on the wall (if you enter the mainstore, first room, right wall in the back).


Toasting in:


Doux Tegan @Dubai until Octobre 10th
Dark Passions

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Nothing Filthy About Being Rich


The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.
Being the business hub for the Middle East, Dubai has attracted
world attention through large construction projects, it’s extremely
low crime rate and harboring the second most expensive hotel
rooms in the world.
Beacon for Success.
This is Dubai.
However, move over global city because this is also..
….Wicca’s Wardrobe!

I find it quite appropriate that Wicca has chosen her newest design,
the Maurine Collar, to be showcased at the current Dubai Event
in Second Life.


Like the city, this collar is HUGE in it’s style and versatility which matches
perfectly with Wicca’s Maurine Hand Accessories I previously
blogged about here.
Using the same color palette HUD, she is rigged to fit
Belleza, Maitreya and Slink necks only and comes
in two sections.
Wear them separate or together — the choice is yours.
Either way, rest easy in knowing that there is certainly
nothing filthy about this rich 100% Original design.

Maurine’s waiting for you and if you’ve lived
as long as I have, you’ll know that it’s bad luck
to keep a Lady waiting…..

Maurine Collar is High FURshion Approved!
Furshion Approved

Collar: Maurine – Wicca’s Wardrobe

Outfit: Caira – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hat: Lucile – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hair: Sam – KoKoLoReS
Eyeliner: Makeup Studio Highliners – WILD
Lipstick: Toma – Zibska
Bunny: Funny Bunny (Rabbit with carrot RARE) – Yokai