Peace Within


The world has gone amok!
Well, judging from the headlines, anyway.

“2000 geese fall dead ‘out of the sky’ in Idaho.”
“Mesa Shooting: At least six people shot, 1 killed.”
“Tunisia Gunmen Target Tourism, Killing 19 At An Art Museum.”

And would you believe this was all reported today?
It’s enough to cause panic, fear and uncertainty.
Are we safe?
Will I be next?
I’m scared!

Dear Friend…
It’s okay.
Don’t allow outwardly circumstances disturb your peace from within.
Regardless to what is happening in the world, we have the ability to orchestrate
our own happiness — a happiness that shines brighter than any dark cloud could ever dim.

Keep the Faith.
Keep the Hope.
Keep the Love.
Keep Your Peace ♥

On My Mind.


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I’ll Paint You Moments of Gold, I’ll Spin You Valentine Evenings…

I’ll Paint You Moments of Gold, I’ll Spin You Valentine Evenings…

Serafilms Labyrinth Edition & Dark Style Fair

A shiver runs down my spine

A shiver runs down my spine I

A shiver runs down my spine II

A shiver runs down my spine III


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