Paper, ROCK, Scissors


Another name for the decision making free hand game
mostly known as Paper, Rock, Scissors or some other
form of the three words.
You know the rules:
Paper covers Rock.
Rock blunts Scissors.
Scissors cut Paper.
Now, indulge me for a moment…

What if Paper represented Cancer and what if
Rock stood in the place of a cancer Patient?
Scissors can then be how the Rock views them —
Pharmaceutical companies, Chemo, Supportive family, etc.
Keep indulging me…

Paper (cancer) suddenly covers Rock (Patient).
Mind you, paper only covers.
It does not smother, contain or completely envelop it.
That means light can shine through giving the Rock
the ability to blunt the Scissors (Chemo, Fam, etc)
so they aren’t too difficult to handle; using them to be Paper-Free.
Indulging should continue, please…

Besides the Scissors, the Rock has a helper — a sidekick, if you will.
And it’s named after it’s Heroine/Hero….


If you haven’t heard, Models Giving Back will be presenting
Rock Your Rack, an annual charity event supporting
the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) this year.
NBCF provides help and inspire hope to those affected
by breast cancer through early detection, education

and supportive services.
And yes.  That includes men, as well.

In it’s 6th year, Rock Your Rack involves 72 Designers,
features 2D/3D Artists and 3 Tribute Concerts.
Is that all?
Rock is also rocking it with 23 DJ Dance Parties, 12 Live Music Artist Shows, 6 Fashion Shows, the 10L Hunt and Silent Auctions.
It is an all inclusive event where there is literally something for everybody.

Beginning September 29th – October 12th, you have plenty of time to
save your Ls, clear your calendar and get ready.
This event is gonna be music to the ears
and fulfillment of the heart.

You can stop indulging me for now……

Outfit/Boots: Sarah (September Group Gift) – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hair: Reiley – Elikatira
Eyeshadow/Lipstick: Capricia – Zibska
Props: Summer Stage – Guitar (modified) – Consignment

Puppy Love


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Something Doesn’t Add Up

Hello again Loves!

The uber cute Buttery Toast have sweet lil calculators out new at the new mainstore (Update those Buttery LMs!) The calculators come in 8 colours, and include a hud to change the texture of the parts (buttons, drips, screen, etc), and to write an words on the interface.

There is also a competition running at the Toast 😀  The full details are here but loosely you could have your own toast design on an actual Buttery Toast Product! The toast design will be credited to you, and you will also receive a fatpack of your choice and the actual product your toast is used on!  Click the link and get toasting!

Also in todays posty, I’m wearing an uber cute lil dress I picked up from Zenith at Kustom9 and some gorgeous new heels by L.Warwick at Le Ponpon, but you will have to wait till October to get ya grabby hands on em! Lm will follow 😀


Something Doesnt Add Up - Full

Something Doesnt Add Up - Closer

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