Supa Girly

Hello Loves ❤

Here we have some more sexiness from the current round of Silicone. This time its the turn of Lilicious, who have cute mesh tee’s out in 8 colours, standard sizing, and including appliers for Tango bewbs \o/

I’ve paired mine with the new lil  booteh shorts by {Vision} – S&F  😀 These come in 7 colours and include clothing layers plus Phat Azz appliers in both Pants, and Underpants layers 😀

Supa Girly b


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Starry Eyed

Hellooooooo Monkehs!

Well its been a couple days since my last post, but I think we’re all in the same busy boat, gettin’ ready for Christmas so I’m sure I’ll be forgiven ;o) that being said though, I didn’t want to be forgotten either, so here’s a quick posty with a couple goodies from this round of GFW, plus newness from Tameless & Bens Beauty 😀

Starry Eyed b

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