Now… Where do I pack my shoes?

Now... Where do I pack my shoes?

Hello beauties! The holidays are around the corner and most of us are planning on traveling to visit family or friends, I actually I’m planning on going to visit my best friend for New Year’s Eve, so I might be off SL for about 5 days at that time, but I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, one of the hardest things to pack when I travel is packing shoes, even though I’ve learned over the years some ways to pack them so they don’t occupy too much space, I always have some issues and you know shoes are very important for a girl so it’s hard even to pick the ones you’re taking with you.

Wanna see what I’m showing you on this pic? Check credits here

Zanze Featuring The Callista Dress


The Callista Dress is Mesh dress that comes with a HUD that allows it to send you your size which is convenient since only the size you need fills your inventory. The HUD also allows you to pick from 6 really great colors.  This dress is also Lolas Tangos friendly!




Zanze Callista Dress in Floral

*Soonsiki* Rat Hair in Browns

ArisAris AA11 Distinct Shoes (They come with a HUD to color change the shoes…great colors too!)

ELYSIUM African Jewel Set (Part of the last Megahunt)

Chop Zuey LW Immanuel’s Mystery Ring in Purple