Good Girl Gone Bad @ Dolly Loli

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Good Girl Gone Bad * Dolly Loli

=+Freebies & Deals+=
Belly Button Piercing (Free MM Board)
$50L Rainbow Bullet Belt
Group Gift Hair – Fee
Group Gift Eyes – Fee
Group Gift Stockings – Fee
$125 Voodoo Plushie

Imp from Tales of a Fantasy
Boombox from She & Him
Cyber Wrench from We Love RP

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A Midday Outing

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A Midday Outing @Dolly Loli

=+Freebies & Deals+=
Hat from The Thrift Shop ($35L a Play)
Group Gift of Stockings from Envious
W&R Shoes from The Thrift Shop
Beach Bag from Fashion for Life Gacha
Free Mesh Eyes

Shoes from The Thrift Shop
Fashion for Life

A Midday Outing @Dolly Loli

Also, please join us at the Harajuku-Lolita’s Union. We’ve finally got the land which provides the grounds for our meeting place, our Shelter for Cute Boys and Girls, and our small rental booths ($50L a week for 15 prims).

Thank you always for reading,
Taisynn of Dolly Loli

Goodbye Baby Goodbye

 Recreation of Meng Jia from Miss A – Goodbye Baby Goodbye

All credits, SURLS, and items @ Dolly Loli / Goodbye Baby Goodbye

Goodbye Baby ~ Dolly Loli (Meng Jia from Miss A Body Double)

=+Freebies & Deals+=
Free Shoes (Group Gift)
Free Hair (Group Gift)
Free Bracelets (Marketplace)
Free Slink Gloves (Hunt)
Free Mesh Eyes

*NEW* Bodysuit from Envious

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Monsters Can Be Pretty Too @Dolly Loli

New Post @ Dolly Loli – Monsters Can Be Pretty Too [Read Here]

Moral: Beauty comes from within your heart. Embrace what makes you different, because that is what makes you beautiful. Monsters Can Be Pretty Too * Dolly Loli *Art*

=+Freebies & Deals+=
Free Lipstick
Free Poses
Free Tray Animation
50% ($105L) off Horns from We Love RP
$40L Gacha Jewlery
$50L Bowtie Gacha
$60L Wowmeh Blouse

Necklace from Suicide Dolls
The Thrift Shop June 8 RIng
*NEW* Starry Vanilla Dress
*NEW* Horns @ We Love RP

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Strike a Pose @ Dolly Loli

Strike A Pose * Dolly Loli *Collage*

+Freebies & Deals+=
$75L Wowmeh Sweater

New Wowmeh/Luck Inc. Azz/Lolas Bra from Envious
New Wowmeh/Luck Inc. Azz Socks from Envious
New Wickednight Hoodie
Shoes from Boobs Butts & Beyond
Horns from We Love RP June

All SURLS, Credits, and Items @ Dolly Loli / Strike A Pose 

Strike A Pose * Dolly Loli *Pinup*

Harajuku-Lolita Union

Harajuku-Lolita Union


Credits to all items [here] @ Dolly Loli — Part of the Harajuku-Lolita Union!

Gimme Chocolate

Originally Posted @ Dolly Loli / Gimme Chocolate

Gimme Chocolate | Dolly Loli

Free -Slink- Shoes
Free Chocolate Mouthie
Free Chocolate Tattoo
$10L Kitsune Ears & Tail
New Dress from Pantsu Hunter

@ Dolly Loli / Gimme Chocolate

Grave Digger

Grave Digger

Hello there & Happy Saturday!

Long time no see everyone! I am so sorry that my posts have been so delayed lately, school has started back up and I’m juggling RL and SL. It’s okay though, because as soon as I figure out a steady schedule, posts will resume at their normal pace. In the meantime, if you haven’t gotten over to Project Limited yet I would do so today! It is closing down soon, and you don’t want to miss out on any of the goodies there, like these adorable shoes from *Epic*. They come in a variety of colors and Moustache goodness! Also be sure to check out this new hair from Little Bones. Coming soon to the two-for-one room at The Chapter Four.
 photo Untitled-6.png



Dress: *MUKA* – Blossom Black
Stockings: Blah. – ( My Toeless Sheer Stockings ) in Black


Shoes: *Epic* – Mr. Moustache Sparkle Kicks! {Coal} @ Project Limited
Horns: ::Envious:: – Kawaii Winged Horns
Piercings: :HV: – Subtle Dare [Ink] Thick Old Hunt Prize
Key: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. – {Exile~ Hollow’s Key} on back – Common staff @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival Tysm Kreao


Skin: The Sugar Garden – Angel :: D tone :: Bust :: Black :: NT – Soft Body
Eyes: {S0NG} – Charmmy~ Abyss Eye Tysm Funeral
Eyeshadow: Buzzeri – Essentials – Royale Liner
Hair: Little Bones @ TCF – Marmalade – Apple Tysm Nova!
Hands: Slink – Casual
Shape: By me
Legs: *L.Inc* – Cute Azz Thicker Legs

Top: *Maru Maru* – Rei Pose 2 Tysm Lizzie!
Bottom: *Maru Maru* – Rei Pose 3 Tysm Lizzie!

Ello Kitty

Ello again Lovelies ❤

As I got all settled at the computer, and don’t feel like going to bed yet, I thought I’d do another posty 😀

The Hello Titty Hunt has begun, and we all know wot that means – free booby stuffehs! I don’t usually blog free stuffs (cept maybe the odd Group Gift but seeing as were all spending a fortune in RL at the minute, free is a winner right?)

So, this cute lil Hello Kitty dress is part of the HTH 3, and is free if you can find the Milk Carton at Hard Candy.

The Goggles, horns, arm scarf, and leg strap are all accessories included with the Sweet Pea Outfit, which is a prize at Envious’ Picks board, so again, all free! Just place Envious in ya picks – click the board, and voila – free stuff! The outfit also includes (but not shown here) a dress, stockings, boots, bracelet and posture collar. Thats a lot of free right?!

Ello Kitty b

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