All Things Change, Lady


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Quoting one of my favorite movies, Legend, all things do change.

Take me, for example.
I have retired from the modeling industry which means there will be no more competitions, auditions, challenges nor scratching to try and reach “the top.”  I’m perfectly happy right here where I am on my isle of uniqueness where I can totally be myself without reproach.

What will I do now?
Who knows, but photography has caught my eye (pun not intended).  Through SL’s lense, I can express myself in ways I never could before.  With my sense of fashion and my love of change (I’m currently an Albino — what I wanted to be from the very beginning of my career, but knew I’d never be accepted mainstream), I will reach areas  I only dreamed of.
You’ll see…..
Thru U

Re-blogged: All Hallows Eve ~ The Return of Ghosts of the Dead

One of my friends on Facebook updated her status as “I am decorating my home for Halloween, probably with low prims. Does anyone know where to get it at reasonable prices?”

The count down for Halloween has begun. In Second Life, there are a number of stores and sims gearing up to celebrate the occasion.  I have explored Second Life and and come up with a few places for you to visit and buy sculpts which are low prim and at reasonable prices. Please visit for more information.