Born To Be My Baby

Here’s more awesomeness from The Truth or Dare Affair!  AFI Designs has this sexy dress there in several styles.  The new lipstick from MUA comes in amazing “Jewels” shades and you’ll love this jewelry set from Tantalum.

ZOZ has the “Angel Wings” polish on sale at Cosmopolitan Sales Room, Jan 30 – Feb 13, for Valentine’s Day.  There’s more goodies from Cosmo and The Chapter 4, including these gorgeous shoes!  Better get going, lots of shopping to do!


lm phone_002

Faux Reality


Hey Glamour Girls,

I put all worries out of my head to enjoy the holidays, but now they are done. The party is over, and back to reality for me. But I did have fun blogging this gorgeous dress from Just Darling. It’s an Exclusive for the OES event and it even includes the pearl choker. Only faux fur is used in these photos too lol.

The poses are all from EvoLove and the shoes in all colors are from Bens Beauty. If you want to check it out, I took these photos at the Wayward Events sim. Enjoy!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

Whimsical Happenings Lopsi Tree

The 5th Annual SL Christmas Expo 2015 & all it’s wonders!


Falling for Art in Hats!

Ghee Temptations (Full)

Last day for Art in Hats charity event!