Dahlia’s Pontia Set for The Project Se7en!

An exquisite addition to your collection, the Pontia necklace and bracelet set are 100% original mesh with an array of optional metals and gems!

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TP to TP7- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Instiga/40/81/3008

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OXIDE Emilia Colordipped Set @ SaNaRae

OXIDE Emilia Colordipped Set

A new round of Sanarae is open! 😀

++TP to SaNaRae++

What do you get when you take something gold and dipped it in 9 different buckets of colors?

(Yeah, we’re not very edgy with our naming, huh? XD )

  • 50% off for Sanarae
  • Unrigged, original mesh.
  • Necklace and earrings
  • As usual, includes all the textures you see here, with texture change HUD

There’s also a rezzed model at the event for you to check out the textures yourself! The actual product will have a texture change HUD, but the rezzed model at the event is scripted to click-toggle through the textures to cut down lag. 😀