Bat Bish

I hope you have been over to the Jersey Shore Gatcha Event – OMG – it kicked off today, and I swear there’s soooo much good stuff there you will LOVE it.
Here is one of the Lovely Hollipocke’ts booby tees, these come in a TON of different designs. This one here is just one of the rares in just one of her machines \o/

In other news, the Fat Pack Week has also kicked off, and here you can get loads of fat packs from as little as 150L and no more than 299L – serious bargain alert right?
MM5 Rock have these wicked mesh jeans out. The fat pack includes 7 boxers designs, and although these pants are men’s, I think thy are ver’ cute on us girlies too 😀

Bat Bish b


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Down By The Lake

Hewwoooooo Love Monkehs ❤

On asking my (RL) Husband what to call this post (I’d thought and thought, and come up with nothing – this is always the worst and hardest part of blogging!!) he came up with. . . . . . “Girl standing by water”. . . . yeah I decided not to call it that :o/
Not that “Down by the lake” is any more creative . . .but ughhh!
Lmao, so anyhooooo. . . . . .

Down By The Lake


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