…bring daisies..

... bring daisies ...
[Onyx] Cry Later Tatoo
[Onyx] Cry Later  Tatoo-Bird Home (Fresh)

[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows
[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows -Light Brown
[Onyx] Meli eyebrows Shape

"Off-Line" x "Eden" Collection / Fatpack #C88
"Off-Line" x "Eden" Bodysuit / Fatpack / Reborn
"Off-Line" x "Eden" Skirt / Fatpack / Reborn

DOUX - Nomi hairstyle #LEVELEVENT
DOUX - Nomi Hairstyle [S/Bangs]
DOUX - Nomi Hairstyle [S]

FINCA - Daisy Bouquet gg (box)
FINCA - Daisy Bouquet hand B gg

MOVEMENT- Her needs FATPACK #Tres Chic
MVT - The tote FATPACK - Down

L2 Rocky Point House ON display @ the LHOOQ sim. Open to all and always open