The Virginia End — An FFL Adventure

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Chasing Summer Lemon Midriff Gown
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Boy**11 (Twine/ Mens Hair) – Dura
NES “Amathyst” Earrings/Bracelet – Finesmith
Slink Nails Set 177 – Flair
She grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl sitting next to her beloved cayenne pepper on the table.  
I always watched her in amazement when she ate.  
Even though full, she could always make me hungry all over again just by the way she took a bite.
Taking it’s stem in hand, she turned the banana upside down and opened it from the bottom.
“Why Aunt V?  Why didn’t you open it like others do?”
She gave her usual infectious cackle of a laugh.
“Because, my child. It’s easier this way.”

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Blossom Princess

The Blossom Princess * Dolly Loli

Blossom Princess @ Dolly Loli

$100L Flower Headdress, $50L Tattoo Veil, Hello Tuesday 50% off Gown, Cosmopolitan Sales Room Event, & New Sash!
Short Story Included — Inspired by Lord of the Rings!

In the days of old, there were many beautiful creatures in the world; nature was allowed to thrive without the gear and grind of modern machinery. There were no machines of war, hardly any pollution, and even where fire touched it would not be long before new things would begin to grow. The cycle of nature and beauty continued, smooth and true, bringing brighter and lovelier things.

Long ago, magic was allowed to flourish; nature brought about enchantment and wonder, and mysticism and lore thrived. In the quiet of an ancient lake, a water lily bloomed, and faintly glowed in the evening light. The ents were mystified by this; never had they seen such a lily. It’s discovery caused them pause, and for a time, it ceased their wanderings as they tried to decipher what made the lily glow. 

For months they debated and researched, gazing on at the lily as it’s beauty and power only seemed to grow. It was in the dawn of one fateful morning did the glow become near blinding, magic seeming to explode in every which way. The breeze shook the leaves of the trees around and the water rippled around the lily; once the light dissipated, there emerged a beautiful enchanted child, wide eyed and wondering as the ents gathered around her. Read More @ Dolly Loli