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Happy New Year Everyone! Hope 2015 is healthy, joyous and prosperous for all of you!  This is another one of those posts where I planned on publishing it maybe two days ago, before New Year’s Day, and here we are on New Year’s Day! At least I got it out Today and My Happy New Year Wish still makes sense:)  So Why not start your 2015 with a shopping spree!  I’ve got some great deals, new creations and got some freebies again for you too! News is Delirium Style and WoW Skins, The Designer Circle, and 50% off at Maxi Gossamer are my deals.  Freebies, they are from Sn@tch and {ZOZ}Original Blog Post can be found .:HERE:.!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays 2013!

Happy Holidays all!

Last weekend was a whirlwind with the closing of the Christmas Expo 2013 annual Holiday of Hope Ball on Saturday night, then the Avi Choice Awards on Sunday.  It was truly an honor to be nominated and once again I want to thank all who voted for me.  I partied so hard with some of my close girlfriends I met this year on Second Life, that I become ill in Real Life. Giggles!!!

I’m sorry if you were looking for my weekly Liv Glam ‘Deals of the Week’, Lazy Sunday or Fifty Linden Friday specials.  To keep up to date on all Liv Glam events, check out the LG website.  For Fifty Linden Friday, Lazy Sunday or any other specials, events or weekly discounts, check out the Seraphim site.

Also, I wanted to showcase some of the hunts, advent calendar gifts and other shopping events taking place around the grid, but unfortunately I didn’t have time.   Refer to huntsl for the most up to date information on all hunts.

And, finally, today was the Liv Glam finale.  Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been six months since I was selected as a finalist.  It has been truly an honor to represent Liv Glam with my weekly deals of the week blog post, at events and known on the grid as a Glam Girl!  It was a wonderful experience to meet ladies from around the world and to form such strong and incredible friendship! The finale was not for the faint of heart.  It took 4 and half hours, with every lady answering questions and supporting each other.  In the end, I was selected as one of the top 6!  Wow, oh wow!  I stood in shock and disbelief because of the esteemed quality of contestants.   A huge congrats goes out to Ivyana Szondi (Winner), Slowly Bury (1st Runner-up) and Sienna Bellios (2nd Runner-up)!  Good luck on your journey and best wishes!

In closing, I will be taking some time off of Second Life to celebrate the holiday season with my family & friends.  I wish everyone a wonderful and magical New Year.  Happy 2014!