A step back into time

Farmhouse_Exterior Overview

Join me on a journey back in time… 

Wine Cellar

Heart Homes- La Bodega Set (Vineyard)

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Boho Tent Bed

Discover Boho, the newest trend!

The end of smoky days…

Heart Homes | Paddy's Irish Pub Light Guiness

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Table for Two!

Romantic Garden Gazebo

Romantic Garden Gazebo!

Thanksgiving Bounty

FT Tree of Life LR & Pumkpin Pie Kitchen Framed

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Bask in the Glow of Autumn

Autumn Porch Overview Framed

Relax on an autumnal porch!


Salón completo: <HEART HOMES> -“Hanukkah” Complete living room set V1.07

Cesto con ardillas: Aphrodite- “My babies nest” Autumn decoration

Gatito: StoraxTree-Feline Treasures – Naptime – Dk Grey Tabby Pumpkin- My 60L Secret

Farol: [Fetch]-  Lanterns Pack

Caja con bloques: Serenity Style- Autumn Box Decor

Fall into Bliss!


Warm & Cozy Living Room!