.. I remember when the streets were full of activity…

Location: Seiiki Valium SL - truely magical city scape. I found this location on the destination guide. I can see why it was choosen. The detail in small places is wonderful. Thank you for sharing, Seiiki! 
Pose: Secret Poses Brees 5{m}

[ONYX]Sun&Moon Tattoo - NEW -Main Store Release Fresh/Faded
[ONYX]Sun&Moon Tattoo - Fresh

[ONYX] Zodiac Sign2 -Bom Only
[ONYX] Zodiac Sign -Cancer

7 Deadly s[K]ins - SELIA FAT PACK Group Gift
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO tattoo FRECKLED apricot
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins APRICOT
7 Deadly s[K]ins - SELIA shape [EVO x Avalon]
[7DS] - BODY 2020 SELIA bom skin APRICOT
7 Deadly s[K]ins - SELIA eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]

[Eternus] Daring Skirt F/K/K/L/M/P/P
[Eternus] Daring Summer Skirt Maitreya

[Eternus] Maeve L/K/M/R/K/P/PER @ Tres Chic Venue
[Eternus] Maeve Sleeves Maitreya
[Eternus] Maeve Top Maitreya

[Eternus] Sandra Headband @ Kustom9
[Eternus] Sandra Headband

e.marie // Dana Earrings - Golds
e.marie // Dana Earring - Golds { L }
e.marie // Dana Earring - Golds { R }

KUNGLERS - Zoey rings
KUNGLERS - Zoey rings - L - Maitreya
KUNGLERS - Zoey rings - R - Maitreya

MOVEMENT - Lady fashionista handbag FATPACK
MVT - Lady fashionista handbag - Fun - Pose 1(add)

[monso] Belinda Hair /Brown & Blonde
[monso] Belinda Hair (s)

… Hanna House …

Scarlet Creative Hanna. House - (comes in realistic and larger sizes)

Hanna is only 36 LI in the realistic model but don't let that small prim count worry you about details. This home has plenty. 3 working built in fireplaces, two huge sliding door windows out the back to your favorite beach and plenty of room to sort out your living spaces. You could even add a movie theatre to the roof if you were of the creative type.  Made of concrete with perfectly accented wood features this home was a bargain if you were able to pick it up for the Saturday Sale. It was out for 3 weeks! What a generous brand Scarlet Creative is! This was quite the treat as this was built as a suggestion from one of the Facebook fans! All the more reason to join - add your wishes to the list, you just never know whose idea will spur on the creativity. Until next time...

Spring At Last!


Spring garden decor 50% off!


Dark Romance


Truly, madly, deeply….I love decorating bedrooms!


Kiss From A Rose


Sexy little number for date night!


Take Me Into Your Loving Arms


Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day decor & fashion 


Make You Feel My Love

valentines-day-red-purple-passionJust in time for Valentine’s Day, decor & fashion for free!


Puppy Love


In need of a cute Valentine’s Day outfit!  Then check out Gacha Good Event!


Welcome to Silverlake Village!

winter-landscape-village-grandmasQuick tour of my homestead!


A Touch of Spring!


Cure the winter blues with a touch of spring!