Where have you been…all my life





Outfit One:
[YUMZ] Kalista (Assorted Colors) @ PHAT
!(HR 3.0)! Monsterette Platforms Glitters
little bones. Latte
LUXE. – Bebe Bangles Blk/Silver
LUXE. Hexagon Cuff Silver
[G O L D] Royal Earring Silver

Outfit Two:
!Twisted Glam. – Strap Dress Lips/Blue @ Black Dot Project
!(HR 3.0)! Olivia Creepers – Bubble Gum
Birdy – Unicorn- Goth Violet
LUXE. Sylvan Set – Gold
[RA] Harajuku Hair/Fitted @ Hair Fair 2015

Outfit Three:
<*>B<*> Lemonade Purple Top @ PHAT
::xXx:: Loving it jeans Faded Blue @ PHAT
<*>B<*> Lemonade Sneakers @ PHAT
VH: R A S B E R R Y – S O R B E T by Vanity Hour
:FF: Sweet Treat (Bow/Strawberry) @ OMGacha
little bones. Queen
REIGN.– Hipster Necklaces- 2 RARE
TONY — Mighty Knuckle Rings – Platinum
Urbano – Cancer Bracelet & Horoscope Bracelet

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How Many?

Hey Babes!

Awesome things to buy on this very cold Tuesday!

[QE] have wicked (and some very cheeky!) gatcha speech bubbles out for the new round of Erotigatcha. There are 10 to play for, including 3 rares.

HighRize also have new goodies, sheer latex goodies in candy colours. The Edible Boobs tops are mesh, but are sized for the boobtastic and the pants include clothings layers, and Omega applier. The pants are sheer – you may want to wear undies or a skirt with these if you’re not feeling brave!
Shoes-ies are also new by Highrize. The Daring Babydoll Heels are for the Slink High Foot, and come in 26 colours. Each pack includes a Hud to change the metal to Silver or Gold.

Then over at Cirque De Seraphim (Opens Nov 6th) the gorgeous Buttery Toast have adorable lil tent bags and Zoz have circus print nail appliers.
The Buttery Toast Bag Of Wonders is available in 4 metals, with 2 holds, and each pack includes a Hud to change the  colours to a choice of eight. 50% of proceeds from the sale of the bags go to the chosen charity which is the ASPA (American Society for the Protection of Animals – a brilliant and worthwhile cause).
Zoz’s Balloon Animal Polishes are for Slink hands & feet and include 9 gorgeous candy colours. Again, 50% of sales from the polish go to ASPA.

Zero - Full


Zero - Closer


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New Beginnings

Elloooo again Dolls!

Firstly, I want to talk about my gorgeous lil bone handbag I have here – I’m so excited about this bag!
So, I asked Mama Toast (Head Baker at Buttery Toast, in case you don’t know) if she had planned on making anything for Halloween, cos, yaknow, Buttery Toast + Halloween = fooking cute right?! And she said. . . . No!
So I asked again. . . .
. . and Mama  may say I nagged, but honestly, I just asked, maybe just a couple of times, until finally, the warm buttery heart melted,  Mama relented and the Brookie’s Bones Bags were born :o)
Available in all the gorgeous pastel-y shades we know and love from the Toast, plus black cos Duh – its Halloween, and including a hud to change colour of side, zip & tassel –  you can find em at the mainstore from today \o/ (Expect to see these lil beauties LOTS in coming posts!)
Tysm to the bloody wonderful Faylinn, you fahooking rock my heart woman *Kisses & Boob Honks to ya*

Plus… PLUS…. Buttery Toast are having a huge sale, cos tomorrow is Mama Toasts RL Birthday!
Everything in store is 50% off from 12pm today, including new releases, like the bags, and wings, which I forgot to mention are another new release, and actually flutter! You can choose 2 speeds of flutter, or flutter off for pics an stuffs.
So be sure to head and snaffle all the sweet and gorgeous goodies you can stick in your pockets!


New Beginnings - Full

New Beginnings

Birthday sale

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Hey me Darlin’s!

A quicky post before I get busy with RL.  (What do you mean I’m just putting things off? Ok Ok, you’re right, I am, but ughhhh!)

Anywaaaay, more news from Ploom at Mystic Fair, HighRize, and Shock, plus [Q.E] and K-Otic at Body Mod Expo – I told you it was gonna be a kick ass event didn’t I?!! *Nods*


Abstract - Full


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We Need A Break

Elloooooooo Poppets!

Firstly, please excuse my weekend absence, yesterday was my Sons 15th birthday and so I was in RL dedicating both Sunday, and Monday to him ❤ It’s scary how fast time flies, it only seems like yesterday I was holding that lil bundle of love in my arms….now I’m screaming at him to tidy his room!

Anyhoo, onto the post, but before I talk about what I’m wearing, I wanna take a second to introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor . . . . Please welcome !nfinity to the blog! *Applauds* If you don’t know !nfinity yet, you will, cos they have cute things for our fingers and toes and all bits in between! Ok so I mean jewelery and piercings 😀
These cute lil rings with (friendly) wasps adorning em are currently available at Thrift Shop, but you will need to be quick, cos that wicked event is closing – fast!

My cute as fook lil headband is by the gorgeous Buttery Toast, they were on sale for Lazy Sunday yesterday, and are normal price from today. Each headband includes a hud to change the colour of the lil eyes – LOVE!

The top is anther new release by HighRize, is mesh and includes appliers for Lolas (not shown here)

My sexy ultra low rize Jeans are by Hollipocket at Suicide Dollz and are 1 of  2 new colours. Azz appliers and Slink Feet appliers are included ❤

Finally my booties are another new release by bens Beauty, are for the Slink Mid Foot, and include 18 colours.


We Need A Break

We Need  A Break - Closer.

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This Toast Tastes Funny!

Ello Darlings!

The fantabulous Buttery Toast have the cutest – I seriously mean THE cutest lil collectable card gatcha out at Candy Fair! (From 3rd October –  I know,  I’m such a tease!)
There are 20 cards to collect, and they can all fit into a (free) card album. Single cards can be worn in the mouth (I got into trouble for wearing this one – I wont go into details, Mama & Papa Toast are NOT as innocent as they look – JS) and the books (completed or not) can be rezzed or worn. Each card has its own stats and messages – anyone who has ever played top trumps will love these, and if you haven’t? Get outta that cave and get playing!

This Toast ...Full

This Toast ...Closer

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I’m Better On My own

Ello again Duckies!

HighRize have news out! Lots of news!
So first I bring you 2 of their latest – slinky dress and sexeh heels both available at the mainstore \o/

Also, The Bling Hunt begins in just a few days, here is Kenvie’s item, cool gold edged sunglasses, 1L to hunters – totes bargs 😀
Dont forget to hit the Bling Hunt Blog for all LM’s and Hints!

I'm Better On My Own

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As Summer Fades To Fall

Ellooo Sexy Ladies!

Here we go with stuffs from events all over the grid! The Arcade, The Big Show, Swag Fest, Uber and The Black Dot Project – shopping heaven!

Plus Eclipse Art Studio have just realeased brand new mesh rings. The I Love Boss rings come in 4 colour variants, and are for Slink Hands, but as they’re mod, you have the possibility to edit to fit other hands also.

As Summer Fades - Full

As Summer Fades - Closer

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