I’m On My Way

Hey Babettes!

I dunno about you, but this week has flown by for me, maybe its the kids being back in school (yay for bedrooms staying tidy) or just that I’ve been so busy, but its soooo very nearly Friday, and that makes me a very happy bunny!

Ok so onto the post, which today features news from {Vision} – S&F at The Black Dot Project, and news from HighRize and Bens Beauty at Swag Fest ❤

Plus we have wicked multi rings by Eclipse Art Studio. The Liberty rings are fitted for the Slink Elagant hand, but are easily unlinked and modded to fit any hand (as I have done here to fit my casual hands).
The rings are available in 2 metal options, each including 2 versions, and 2 colour variants – LOVE!

Im On My Way - Full 1

Im On My Way - Closer

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The Writing’s On The Wall Bitch

Ello Monkehs ❤

One of lifes mysteries is Where do you blow up a blow up doll?
The answer is, most have blow holes in their backs and arms.
How do I know this? All I’ll say is that I have it on good authority.
And I’ll also say that its always the quiet ones who are the most surprising *winks*

None of that has anything at all to do with todays posty, so lets just call that the random fact of the day and get onto todays posty 😀

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I Rule My Destiny

Ello again Honeys ❤

A third post today! I wanted to make up for not posting yesterday, and theres soooo many goodies available at events all over the grid, I want to show as many as possible!

So, to start, the fabulous cute Buttery Toast have the cutest lil Princess hats out for the themed event Fit For A Princess. The hats include the veil – which can be changed to 3 different sizes to work with different hair styles – and a no veil option. Plus you can change the colour of each hats veil and  lower band – too cute ❤

Then we head over to The Beach Bum Affair, for cute lil rompers & stockings by Highrize.
The Rompers include appliers for Lolas, Phat Azz, Sking, Ghetto & Wowmeh. The stockings include appliers for Phat Azz, Sking, Ghetto, Wowmeh, and Slink feet.

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Whispers In The Breeze

Hey Dolls ❤

So the countdown to The BeachBum Affair continues with another sneaky peek at another of HighRize’s goodies, this hot lil one piece is perfect for lazy days at the beach, and includes appliers for Tango boobs, Phat Azz, Sking, Ghetto, and Wowmeh ❤

L.Warwick have wicked flip flops out brand new at Uber, a new monthly event which starts tomorrow. They come in both male and female versions, in a choice of 9 colours for both, are materials enabled and are for the Slink flat foot.

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Urban Myths

Ello again Love Bugs!

I have another exclusive sneak peek at more BeachBum Affair goodies, this time is the turn of HighRize, who have a  TON of good stuffs for the event \o/

Im also wearing some kick ass ankle boots by Insanya 😀 The Ava Shoes come in a pack of 6 colours, with a hud to change the colour of the sole to a choice of 5.

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Summer Meadow

Hey up Chucks!!

For the last couple of posts I have been using a pose pack by {Imeka} that I bought at Kustom9.
Today I toddled off to have a nose at their  mainstore, and I wasn’t disappointed. After purchasing my poses, I had a nosey outside, and wew what a pretty sim {Imeka} is situated on, I had to use it as a backdrop for todays posty!

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Day Trippin’

Hello again Melovelies ❤

Still using a crappy keyboard so it still applies – if you see a typo, it completely isnt my fault k? Lol. I just havent had time to get to Shiny New Keyboards R Us yet 😀

K, so onto the posty, which features some kick ass bargains by Highrize at Fi*Fridays, each item being 55L, and as usual Highrize has pulled out all the stops 😀

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