Play The Game, Bitch

Hey Hoooo!

One of the stages of posting a blog post that I love, is choosing a location for the pics. I have found some seriously wicked sims whose owners are generous enough to make them public for us to use. The latest one I discovered is Malalife. I have used this location before, but last night – when I took the pics for this mornings post – I was greeted by one of the sims designers, who showed me round the some of the more hidden spots. I was seriously impressed, I love grungy sims anyway, but this one kicks ass, there are loads of photo ops and I highly recommend visiting.
In fact, I’ll be adding a location slurls page above, so if you know of any kick ass locations inworld, hit me up and I’ll give you a shout out here and on the locations page.

So, onto the posty, which features new hair by Spellbound, outfit by IAF at The Big Show, kicks by Insanya, and of course, mani by Zoz \o/

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Walking into the future

Today i decided to explore a futurist role-play sim called Hangars Liquides, is a nice place to explore and feel like in that movies we liked being kids when we imagined that in the year 2000 we will use flying cars, heheheh, enjoy the sunday guys 😉
All Details HERE