Zuri’s Jewelry Store and MAAI formal wear

Hullo again Trusted Reader!

Today I’m back to show you more newness from two of my favorite places on the grid: Zuri’s Jewelry Store and MAAI formal wear. Miss Zuri Rayna has come out with a vast array of colors in her newest jewelry set called Flori.  I am wearing the Lavander set and each set comes with a gorgeous necklace and a pair of wonderful pair of earrings. The necklace has arrangements of tiny lavender flowers covering one half of the necklace which comes to a point with a lavender pendent. The other side of the necklace is two strands of white gold. The pair of earrings has the same tiny lavender flowers at the top of each earring


group members, wear your tags at time of purchase to receive your 25% REFUNDS on all vendors 1st & 2nd Floors (single item vendors-no multi vendors) unless already a special sale item.  Main store only.


The dress I am wearing is Snow Wolfhunter, the creator of MAAI‘s, newest creation.This one is also part of the Dela line which I blogged previously except this one is a wedding gown. Please notice the detailing of this dress.  There are roses above the breasts and at the back of the dress right below the lacings of the bodice which has the same intricate detailing as the other Dela gowns. This dress comes with wonder ful hair roses that you can wear with the veil as well

zuri flori maai dela_003 zuri flori maai dela_005 zuri flori n dela wedding dress_006TBU zuri flori n dela wedding dress_013-001TBU zuri flori n dela wedding dress_002 TBU




DressMAAI-“Dela” Wedding Gown/ Lolas/Silver

Jewelry SetZuri’s Jewelry Store~Flori Lavander Collection

SkinOceane’s Body Design~Ella Natural skin Vanilla Tan Normal Black

EyesInsufferable Dastard-.ID. Light Sensitive – Ice

Eyelashes*GA*-Mesh Lashes Mysteria

EyeshadowMONS-Color Dance – purple

LipstickMONS-Dakota – plum

NailsMandala-[female[MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 1/Super Long]

I Ain’t No Man But I’m Still A Stud!


How do Trusted Reader!

It’s an honor to be added to the Ducknipple blogging team! I bring you goodies from this awesome store. Now I’ve been a long time fan of the shop cause the creator Mrs. Beanster Potato ( I wish i was old enough to have been able to choose Potato as my last name lmao) has been creating phenomenally great clothes for not a lot of money. Not gonna use the word cheap because that implies poor quality and if you’ve ever worn her clothing you know this is far from the truth. As if this was not a good enough deal her clothing is HUD driven.This is also a blessing, and a curse, if you’re indecisive like me cause I am totally wishy washy and can never decide on one color when there are multiple colors available *laughs*

I am wearing a new release of hers called the Nickster dress, and, as usual, it’s HUD driven, and comes in 12 nummeh colors. I have chosen the grey color and oh yes, this dress is studded ladies look at how amazingly detailed they are as they criss-cross under your breasts up on the straps as it wraps round your neck then plunges across your stomach and slides down your hips.

As if this awesome 12 color hud driven dress wasn’t enough meet her newest boot  Charlie, and ladies if you’re indecisive about 12 colors these boots come in 14 colors AND has a pair of unrigged boots with a resizer script in the hud in case you need to adjust the boot manually !


Yes pick your jaws up of the floor, they’re amazing detailed I love the little pocket on the side of the boot in the first pic, I adore this wine colored boot and think it goes perfectly with the Nickster dress

So ladies go get your nipple on!



ducknipple nickster dress an charlie boots_001 ducknipple nickster dress an charlie boots_002 ducknipple nickster dress an charlie boots_003 ducknipple nickster dress an charlie boots_004 ducknipple nickster dress an charlie boots_005




Dress-Ducknipple – Mesh: Nickster

Shoes-Ducknipple – Mesh: Charlie

SkinOceane-~Ella Natural skin Vanilla Tan Normal Black

EyesInsufferable Dastard– Moody Vampire / Mesh Eyes / Wispy Gray / Left

EyeshadowMONS-Beach – grey

LipstickMONS-Lucious Lipgloss2 – brown

HairVanity Hair-Gigi/ Bordeaux

Earrings-Gems & Kisses – Sissy – Plat & Plat **Store Closed**

Facial PiercingsSuPerBia-SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT GiFTy 2* FeMaLe (group gift)

Bracelets[MANDALA]-TAKARA Bangle/Buddha silver  Bright(resize)
Necklace[MANDALA]-KARMA Necklace/Shepherd  SILVER