Look To The Future

Hello My Darlings!

I know I have been AFB (Away from blogging – see wot I did there? Lol) and for that my apologies, but RL has been hectic, and I havent been able to spend time in SL long enough to get a post done, grrr.

I can promise though that full service has been resumed, at least for a while anyway!

Ok so onto the post, and this one I love, awesome headpiece by Tabou Irresistible and gorgeous lacey top by Hollipocket, plus I have been wanting to get my Muka skirt out again cos its adorbs!


Look To The Future - Duo

Look Into The Future  - Close Up

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The Memories Fade With Each Passing Day

Ello again Me lil Loves!

First of all, I wanna take a second to introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor. . . please welcome Zoz to the blog!
*Applause Applause*
I’m super happy to have been invited to the Zoz blogger team, as Zoz is THE place for Slink Manicures/Pedicures and accessories. As you will see in this and coming posts their textures and shine for mani’s & pedi’s is honestly second to none, so a HUGE thank you to Zoz for the invite!

Now, onto the post!..
As you may have heard, The Black Fair has opened its doors (Its event heaven right now, right?) and {Vision} – S&F have sexeh lil ruffled skirts and top outfits out exclusively for the event. The outfits come in 3 prints and even include the shoes, which are for the slink high foot.

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Sweet Serendipity

Hey Loves!

If you haven’t yet been over to the Manga Fair, there is still time! And [QE] have the cutest lil Unicorn outfit out exclusively in Pink for this sweet event.
The Unico Outfit includes Horn, Tail, Arm Warmers, Necklace, Rings, Bodysuit, and Leg Warmers ❤

KOY have 3 new  releases out for Hair Fair. This Lana  hair comes in 5 colour packs and includes both  small and large versions, and as you can see, is perfect to wear with big boobehs \o/

And finally, OMG will be closing its doors on 16th July, so be sure to grab all ya gatcha goodies before then! 😀

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An Uneasy Truce

Ello again Lovely Peeps ❤

Firstly I’d like to take a second to introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor. . . .*Drumrolls*. . .  .Please welcome Buttery Toast!! *Applause applause* Lol. Im super excited to have been invited to join the uber sweet Buttery Toast team and if you love cute, quirky and pretty gorgeousness you are gonna LOVE buttery toast! Im so excited to be able to bring you some toasty offerings like this cute lil butterfly headband, available in 5 colours, each including a hud to change the ribbon and band texture ❤

Also in this post we have some bargains at Jersey Shores GFW and Cleavage’s Going Bust, plus brand spanking news from Pomposity at Gatcha Garden! Wooo!

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Moose On The Loose

Ello again Peepsicles!

Apparently I’m having a blogging day 😀
Seriously there is so so much good stuffs, all over the grid. From The Funny Puppet Fair, to Boobs, Butts and Beyond, and now the new round of She and him has opened \o/ I haven’t even began looking at the Dark Style Fair stuffs yet – but oh I will, right after this post 😀
I love my job – jus sayin’!

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