Say What You want – I Wont Listen

Ello Me Lil Cherubs ❤

Lots of gorgeous newness for todays posty, including brand spanking new manicure for Slink hands by Shock at 100 Block, gorgeous new leather wedges by L.Warwick – super high & super cute, and a sexy new dress by HighRize at Fi*Fridays ❤

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Juicy Fruits

Hello again Darlings!

Lots to talk about in this posty, but before we begin, let me take a second to introduce the newest Sponsor of Babbling Brook. . . . *Drumrolls…….*
Please welcome…… L.Warwick Shoes!!! *Applause applause!*
As you may know (and regular readers here will have seen)  L.Warwick shoes make gorgeous mesh handmade shoes for Slink Feet, and I am completely honoured to have been invited to the L.Warwick Bloggers team – Tysm Lindsey <33
Of course, I am wearing one of L.Warwicks’ newest releases, the Europa Slingback Wedge. These gorgeous wedges come in 10 vibrant colours, and each colour pack includes a solid colour heel, a cork heel, and also a wooden heel – fantabulous! (Fatpack colours shown below)

Juicy Fruit b

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Hey Loves ❤

No post yesterday – my apologies, I was just super tired after a hectic day :o/
But I am now refreshed and ready to bring more super hawtness from the upcoming Whore Couture – yay!! (Dont forget the event doesnt open till march 1st tho, Im just teasing ya’ll with sneaky sneak peeks <3)
So here we have {Vision} – S&F’s gorgeous exclusives – a sexy lil lacey top (also includes a sheer version for the braver amongst us!) and hawt lil peekaboo back skirts. These skirts are super cute, gorgeous leather textures and you can always wear a pair of panties or hot pants underneath if youre not feeling so brave 😀
The sexy lil Whore belt is one of BabyDolls exclusives and is texture change on trim, border, chain & charm ❤

Also in this post – hawt hawt new shoesies alert!!
These lil lovelies are brand new from L.Warwick Shoes, and come in 10 colours, and are for Slink Medium Feet. Super high ‘n’ hawt, these are deffo gonna be a staple in my SL Wardrobe ❤
And finally, moooore newness, this time gatcha goodies from Buttery Toast, cute lil crowns coming in 31 colours/combos, the winged being the rares – LOVE!

Spanky 2 b

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