Dearly Beloved

(Original Post: Zooming Ahead)

I’m in mourning.

Like a reptile shedding it’s skin, I am leaving what I once was behind.
I find it necessary to shrug off bad experiences and learn from them.


To take each and every negative particle and apply them to my arms,
my legs, my ass, my heart and my soul.


All of this is in an effort to toughen up to withstand whatever lies ahead for me.

Dreaming Dreams No Mortals Ever Dared to Dream Before

Snapshot_041_full_edtNew Bellessima Post


How B!zarre!

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:
 Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Dancer & Enthuse Gowns
<sways back and forth humming a euphonioustune that brings back memories — 
painful and bright.  
A song  methodical in it’s every beat as not to miss a single mind or straying thought.  But, you wouldn’t know that would you?  Because unless..
(let me get out of emoting mode and talk to you directly)>…
…Because unless manipulated, music cannot be seen.
Only heard.

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