Lost & Alone No More

*Waves* Hey Loves!

Firstly, how fekking cute is this lil guy? Too cute right? I love him! I was gonna go over to the Arcade and try my chances at winning him, or his rarer brother, but I soon got bored with trying (even the overflow area was full), and so went for a nose round a couple of the many yard sales for gatcha items, and although I paid more for him, gatcha machines hate me so I’d probably still be stood there now trying to win him, with a million of his pals clogging up my inv. Anyway the yardsale I visited is worth a nosey round – LM below, as is the official Arcade LM.

In other non slothy news, Forever Young have sexy lil ripped tops out at Suicide Dollz. The tops come in 2 packs, with 6 colours in each, and a hud that contains appliers for Slink hands, Tango/Mirage boobs & Wowmeh body 😀

Also at Suicide Dollz, Pomposity have new spiked bangles out. The Iron Cross Studded bangles are colour change to 14 colours, and feature spikes, chains and cross detail.

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Call Me – Lubbly Jubblies, Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Call Me - Lubbly Jubblies, Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Hey Style Watchers!

There’s only one more week of Boobs, Butts,& Beyond left (ends May 31) so I wanted to show you a couple more products from there. The long jeans have a Slink applier for the foot and can be worn without any appliers or with Phat Azz or WowMeh. There’s also a very pretty, Slink nail polish from Rabbid Squirrel that’s an event exclusive.

Don’t forget Lubbly Jubblies (5/15- 6/13) is still on too. You can get this sexy, black lace top in other colors too. Wear it without appliers or with Tango, Lush, or WowMeh. Slink appliers are included too for the long sleeve.

Check out some more newness from Fashionlicious for WowMeh, a funky, new hair from Spellbound, new accessories, poses, and more. Click for details:

Sex and Candy

cotton candy outfit 2 edited

Newest Goodies from the upcoming Cotton Candy Hunt, New Spellbound, Moon, Dystorted, and many many more!

Details HERE!

Happy Weekend Kiddos!


It’s a cat’s life


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