Mosh Pit

mosh pitt

Today I bring some great news! I am now a blogger for A Breakfast Convo and there are new releases that you will definitely love. I want to show case there new jeans, Cloth 2 Cut Jeans in Black. They are too sexy and also come in blue. I love a high waist jean because it shows off the curves real nicely.

Skin: Egozy // Anjali // Coffee // Soft
Eyes: Dead Apples // Twinkle // Rust
Hair: Little Bones // Trouble (Group Gift)
Freckles & Mole: OkBye // Moles & Freckles // Imperfections
Lips: Pink Acid // Justina // Lips (teeth)

Top: Lethal Couture // My Sports Bra // White
Pants: A Breakfast Convo (ABC)// Cloth 2 Cut Jeans// Black

Ring: GFD // Knuckles Ring // Black
Ring 2: Real Rage // The Pyramid Ring // Silver
Bracelet: 7891. // Uptown // I.D// Silver
Shoes: Candy Doll // Cluber // Black
Bracelet: Faun // Snake Charmer Bracelet // Onyx
Bag: Glow Studio // Silver Fur Tiger
Earring: Pure Poison // Silver Spiked Pierce
Piercing: Suicidal Unborn // Septum Piercing // Metal