Somebody’s Watching Me

(And An Old Friend Returns)

Ello Loves!

One of my oldest SL friends, has come back into SL after like, a 3 year break, and bless her, its like shes a noob again.
When ya here all the time, all the changes that happen, you adapt to day by day, but when you see someone return from such a long break, it just shows how much has changed over the years. She didn’t know about mesh, or how the new fangled boxes are opened now! And even the basics of the new viewers have been a mission for her to get used to. (She’d also lost her Ao so was dancin around the grid in order to not walk like a day old noob!) but OMG has it been a trip watching her get used to SL again

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So Onto The Posty!

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Helloooooo Loves!

Well Monday is here again, and here has been pouring with rain, and completely miserable, but rather than be down about it, I’ll choose to think of it as an excuse to jump into my jammies, have a hot chocolate, and spend the evening in SL, where it never rains (unless you want it to!)  😀

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Mischief b

Leather & Lace

Elloooooo Muffin Tops!
I have more Sneaky peeks at some of the exclusive gatcha items for Jersey Shoes first Oh My Gatcha event! The event opens on Oct 1st, and its already promising to be totally addictive for us Gatcha loving shoppers 😀
Also, The Boobies Show has a birthday, and Cynful & Lil Lace have collaborated on some hawt leather dresses to celebrate. The dresses are mesh & include appliers for Tango boobies. Each dress includes a hud to change the texture of the back straps, and to add/remove strap shadows ❤
Leather & Lace b


Ello Smexies!

OMG Forever Young has been on fire since the Phat Azz mesh bootehs have been released. I swear Hannah must have been non-stop on her computer creating gorgeousness for our big bootehs.
These lush leggings are one of her latest releases, they come in 2 packs, a naturals pack, and a brights pack. Each pack has 6 colours on the hud, plus clothing layers for non Phat-ties 😀
P.S- Let it be known : I LOVE giraffe print! Giraffes are fahookin wicked! Lol ok ty 😀

Caramel b


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