Celebrating My Imperfections


Sometimes, I just get really tired of trying to make things perfect all the time. In the real world, we are not perfect and if we aren’t blessed with oodles to bankroll what we feel is wrong, we must remain with our imperfections for a lifetime.

Well, from here on out, I will do as little as possible to correct my pixel imperfections. They really have nothing to do with why I take these pictures in the first place — freedom of expression.

(Original Post: Zooming Ahead)

How B!zarre!

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:
 Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Dancer & Enthuse Gowns
<sways back and forth humming a euphonioustune that brings back memories — 
painful and bright.  
A song  methodical in it’s every beat as not to miss a single mind or straying thought.  But, you wouldn’t know that would you?  Because unless..
(let me get out of emoting mode and talk to you directly)>…
…Because unless manipulated, music cannot be seen.
Only heard.

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