Reward Offered

Ello me Lovelys!

Firstly – apologies – again, Ive been AFK for the weekend as it is my RL Hubbys birthday today, so we spent the weekend doin’ nice things. . . .  *smirks*

Moving on tho, lots more to see from the Big Show, and Body Mod Expo, plus an introduction to Babbling Brooks newest sponsor . . . please welcome the gorgeous, and totally cute {PixelGeek} to the blog! If you dont know {PixelGeek} you will find lots of sweet and sugary clothes and accessories, such as the cute bangles here for the Body Mod Expo, and the hot lil bandeau top for Lubbly Jubblies ❤ Tysm to Nena for inviting me to join the fabulous {PixelGeek} team! ❤


Reward Offered - Full


Reward Offered - Closer

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Misty Morning

Ello again Pookies ❤

I hope ya all enjoying your Saturday! Mine is *looks at clock* actually over now *Sadface* We are now officially into Sunday – boo. But hey, I got a G & T, and my jarmies on, I’m a happy bunny!

Anywaaaay, onto the posty, which includes a sexy lil number by Pink Sugah at Lubbly Jubblies, and an uber cute collar by Buttery Toast at The candy Shop. Plus sexeh heels by Zoz at Penumbra, new hair by the Fantabulous (Not a word but it should be!) Ploom and finally cute lil bag by Boom at Kustom9, fast becoming one of my fave events in SL ❤


Misty Morning - Full

Misty Mornings - Closer

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Like a tiger

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All Fur Coat And No Knickers

Ello again Darlings ❤

The new round of Lubbly Jubblies begins tomorrow peeps, and {Vision} – S&F have hot dresses out exclusively there for the month. The Caren dresses come in 5 colours, include appliers for boobs ‘n’ bums and also include a mesh waist corset in 5 sizes. Lubbly Jubblies opens tomorrow (15th September)

Plus in this post we have brand spanking news from the fabulous Ploom, and Bens Beauty \o/


All Fur Coat . - Full

All Fur Coat - Closer

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Call Me – Lubbly Jubblies, Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Call Me - Lubbly Jubblies, Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Hey Style Watchers!

There’s only one more week of Boobs, Butts,& Beyond left (ends May 31) so I wanted to show you a couple more products from there. The long jeans have a Slink applier for the foot and can be worn without any appliers or with Phat Azz or WowMeh. There’s also a very pretty, Slink nail polish from Rabbid Squirrel that’s an event exclusive.

Don’t forget Lubbly Jubblies (5/15- 6/13) is still on too. You can get this sexy, black lace top in other colors too. Wear it without appliers or with Tango, Lush, or WowMeh. Slink appliers are included too for the long sleeve.

Check out some more newness from Fashionlicious for WowMeh, a funky, new hair from Spellbound, new accessories, poses, and more. Click for details: