… fierce …

... fierce ...
"Off-Line" x "Athena" Boots / Fatpack #FAMESHEDX
"Off-Line" x "Athena" Boots / Fatpack / Reborn

.: ryvolter :. Zumi Quilted Mini Bag (Hand/Long) - Monogram

KUNGLERS - Lais rings- Reborn

Elite Paris-Dobermann (Fatpack) #CAKEDAY
Elite Paris-Dobermann (Caviar)
Elite Paris-Dobermann (Gold)

… off the coast …

... off the coast ...
KUNGLERS - Lais rings - Reborn

MOWIE - "Daeu" Dress #Kustom9
MOWIE - "Daeu" Dress [Reborn]

MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings #Access
MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings Left

[avarosa] Raven LeL EVO X Group Christmas Gift
[avarosa] Teeth Addon
[avarosa] Raven Skin (Brows) - Porcelain
[avarosa] Ears - Porcelain
[avarosa] Raven LeLutka Raven 3.1 Shape
[avarosa] Ren Eyes - LBlue 2
[avarosa] Ren Eyes L (Mesh)
[avarosa] Ren Eyes R (Mesh)

NOVA. Ellie // GIFT (unpacked)
NOVA. Ellie - S

*Tentacio* Summer is here Letter Board
Summer is here. Bag

location -Borkum

… beach wagon …

... beach wagon ...
[Onyx] Heaven Tattoo
[Onyx] Heaven Tattoo -Butterfly (Fresh)
[Onyx] Heaven Tattoo - Arm flowers (Fresh)

"Off-Line" x "Lucie" Set / Fatpack #Fameshed
"Off-Line" x "Lucie" Skirt / Fatpack / Reborn

:: DeepStatic :: Bella Sunglasses
:: DS :: Bella Sunglasses w/HUD

KUNGLERS - Lais rings - Reborn

MOWIE - "Esme" Mini bag WITH hud
MOWIE - "Esme" Mini bag V2 [Pose 2]

MOWIE - "Youra" Corset #Access
MOWIE - "Youra" Corset [Reborn]

MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings #Access
MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings Left
MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings Right

NOVA. Gigi // GIFT 

location: Borkum

…bring daisies..

... bring daisies ...
[Onyx] Cry Later Tatoo
[Onyx] Cry Later  Tatoo-Bird Home (Fresh)

[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows
[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows -Light Brown
[Onyx] Meli eyebrows Shape

"Off-Line" x "Eden" Collection / Fatpack #C88
"Off-Line" x "Eden" Bodysuit / Fatpack / Reborn
"Off-Line" x "Eden" Skirt / Fatpack / Reborn

DOUX - Nomi hairstyle #LEVELEVENT
DOUX - Nomi Hairstyle [S/Bangs]
DOUX - Nomi Hairstyle [S]

FINCA - Daisy Bouquet gg (box)
FINCA - Daisy Bouquet hand B gg

MOVEMENT- Her needs FATPACK #Tres Chic
MVT - The tote FATPACK - Down

L2 Rocky Point House ON display @ the LHOOQ sim. Open to all and always open

… bloom …

... bloom ...
location: ELVION

[ONYX] Moni shape For LeLUTKA Vivian Head 3.1 #skinfair
[ONYX] Moni shape For LeLUTKA Vivian Head 3.1-Ebody

[Onyx] Bloom Tattoo #BLOOM EVENT
[Onyx] Bloom Tattoo -Full (Fresh)

[Onyx] Love Blush (Group Gift)
[Onyx] Love Blush - Hearts 2
[Onyx] Love Blush - Blush & Hearts Moles (100%)

[Onyx] Dima Eyebrows #Weekend Sale
[Onyx] Dima Eyebrows  - Brown

FashionNatic - Cricket Set - Megapack #cosmopolitan event
FashionNatic - REBORN - Cricket Shorts Fatpack Colors
FashionNatic - REBORN - Cricket Top Fatpack
FashionNatic - REBORN - Cricket Boots Fatpack

KUNGLERS - Irene bracelet- Reborn

KUNGLERS - Nyra earrings #FAMESHED
KUNGLERS - Nyra earring - Small

LeLUTKA Vivian Head 3.1 #SKINFAIR

Stealthic - Lethal (Upgrade)
Stealthic - Lethal (S Head/XL Breast)

… sunflower…

... sunflower ...
location: B Sori
pose: Le Poppycock *Floating Dreams* Wanderlust Special
 Le Poppycock *Soap Opera* Floating Dreams (Bubble) [ADD]

[Onyx] My Mom Tattoo [Special Gift]
[Onyx] My Mom Tattoo - My Hero (Fresh)

CocoaMatrix - Bloom Skin  -  Lelutka EVOX  (Sienna)
[CocoaMatrix] EvoX Ears - SIENNA
CocoaMatrix - Bloom Shape  -  Lelutka Avalon / Reborn
CocoaMatrix - Bloom Eyebrow  -  Lelutka Avalon

FashionNatic - Besty Set - Megapack #UBER
FashionNatic - REBORN - Besty Overall Fatpack Colors
FashionNatic - REBORN - Left - Besty Boots Fatpack
FashionNatic - REBORN - Right - Besty Boots Fatpack

Stealthic - Searching (Ombres)
Stealthic - Searching (S Head/L Breast)

*Tentacio* Sunflower secret fatpack
Sunflower  secret headpiece
Sunflower secret bouquet
... sunflower ...

… Mom My Hero …

... Mom My Hero ...
"Off-Line" x "Venom" Collection / Megapack #TresChic
"Off-Line"  x "Venom" Pants / Foot Alpha
"Off-Line" x "Venom" Bra / Fatpack / Reborn
"Off-Line" x "Venom" Pants / Fatpack / Reborn
"Off-Line" x "Venom" Top / Fatpack / Reborn

[ONYX] Moni shape For LeLUTKA Vivian Head 3.1 #skinfair
[ONYX] Moni shape For LeLUTKA Vivian Head 3.1-Ebody

[Onyx] My Mom Tattoo #SpecialGift
[Onyx] My Mom Tattoo - My Hero (Fresh)

[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows
[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows -Brown
[Onyx] Meli eyebrows Shape

:: DeepStatic :: Bella Sunglasses #COSMOPOLITAN EVENTS
:: DS :: Bella Sunglasses

movement store
MVT meow phone - POSE 4

Stealthic - Lethal (Upgrade)
Stealthic - Lethal (S Head/M Breast)
Stealthic - Lethal Bangs (Left)
Stealthic - Lethal Bangs (Right)

Tentacio / Letter Board
Summer is here. Bag

[Rezz Room] Box DragonCat Animesh FATPACK #NEOJAPAN
[Rezz Room] DragonCat Big Animesh (Companion)

Skrunda Sim
location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Misty/40/180/37

… walk into the bloosoms …

... walk into the blossoms ...
Spring is a time when nature awakens with all the vibrant colors and fragrant scents that have you running outdoors to bask in the freshness of a new season. DaD is delighted to bring their newest collection of landscape products.

The Japanese Cherry Trees is a fantastic group of trees from young, sapling and mature in which you change the change the texture of the blossoms from light, mid and pink simply by touch.

Wonderful for adding some spring cheerfulness to your landscape. EXCLUSIVE@ Bloom "Japaneese Cherry Trees Collection & Scattered cherry petals" *Opens March 18th thru April 2nd

DaD "Japanese Cherry Trees Collection" #BLOOM
DaD "Japanese Cherry Tree Mature  " c/m
DaD "Japanese Cherry Tree Sapling " c/m

DaD " Scattered Cherry Petals Set #BLOOM
DaD "Scattered Cherry Petals" FLYING c/m
DaD "Scattered Cherry Petals" GROUND COVER" c/m
DaD "Scattered Cherry Petals" PILE c/m
DaD "Scattered Cherry Petals" RING c/m
DaD "Scattered Cherry Petals" SQUARE c/m
DaD "Scattered Cherry Petals" STRAIGHT A c/m

At the end of the walk is the DaD "Positano Watermill" perfect for winerys or weddings

Scarlet Creative Charlotte’s Corner Boat House for Saturday Sale

Scarlet Creative Charlotte's Corner Boat House for Saturday Sale
Back for the Saturday Sale! Low LI living - Boat, Water or an amazing Beach Cabin.... Decorate the amazing roof top with plants, rugs, and watch the sun set over some amazing water. Charlotte's Corner - Boat House 58 LI Mod and Copy 16 x 23 M Best for 1024 plots up For the Sale - Blue Version 75L, White Version 75L and optional furniture flatpack 199L.

Scarlet Creative Charlotte's Corner Boat House for Saturday Sale
Scarlet Creative Charlotte's Corner House Boat or Cabin - Blue': 
Scarlet Creative Charlotte's Corner House Boat or Cabin - White'

Scarlet Creative Charlotte's Corner Boat House Furiture Pack 199L
Scarlet Creative Annan Coffee Table
Scarlet Creative Barton Rug
Scarlet Creative Campbell Desk MC
Scarlet Creative Darcy Dark Kitchen Wall MC
Scarlet Creative Jenna Sofa Navy - Center
Scarlet Creative Nerites Wire Armchair MC
Scarlet Creative Pinky Patio Chair - not in this furniture pack but available at the Scarlet Creative Sim

(Fundati) Mauritia Palm I
(Fundati) Mauritia Palm III

peaches. Paislee's Paradise Chair

Apple Fall Huge Fan Palm

Nutmeg. Cottage Lounge Sleeper Sofa Adult
Nutmeg. Cottage Lounge Stool

{anc} escape / parasol 5Li (tiffany)

{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm