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Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Elloooooooo there & happy Friday \o/

{Vision}- S&F have the hottest slinky dress out at Fashion Art. The event only runs till May 31st  so be sure to get ya sexy asses over there, theres loads of pretty stuffs out for our pretty selves!

Also in this post, more TDSF stuffs! Have ya got in yet? Still busy? Keep tryin – Its so worth it!

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Luv Cuffs

Hey Darlings,

Well here we are at another Monday, lets try not to be filled with doom, lets go shopping instead!
And where better than to start than at the new round of Silicone, where you can get hold of cute lil strapless tops like this from Static, coming in 6 designs. All of em include appliers for Tango and Phat Azz \o/
Alsooo, (Red)Mint have gorgeous new hair out, this one includes Tango sizes, bows, and 3 huds to control the bows texture, ver’ sexeh no?

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Five in One

So sorry I tend to forget to post here, so here are my recent posts!

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