Quitting Time

I’m sorry I had to decline your meeting at 4:30 on a Friday, but it conflicted with my 5 o’clock meeting with a bottle of wine.

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Less bitter more glitter: Life is better when you’re covered in glitter.

Virtual Trends: Glitter
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Remember Me

Remember me though I have to say goodbye
Remember me, don’t let it make you cry
For even if I’m far away, I hold you in my heart
I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart
Remember me though I have to travel far
Remember me each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be
Until you’re in my arms again… Remember me
Songwriters: Robert Lopez / Kristen Anderson-lopez

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“Freedom is power. To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that I’ve been given, and so my journey begins, don’t try to tie me down Batman, I’d rather die than live my life in a cave.

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Dia de Muertos

Let her soul go free tonight. Let her roam the world. The broken beauty, the fallen clouds, let her soul love whom it wishes, just this one magical night.

Virtual Trends: Dia de Muertos
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The Spell

The moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun. The light has been broken; the spell has begun!

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A dreamer, I walked enchanted, and nothing held me back.

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Let’s escape to the tropics, I can’t wait to Maui you!

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No scarecrow will ever be able to discourage a stubborn bird flying around.

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Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.

Virtual Trends: Fearless
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