Dark Vixen

Ello again Dolls!

I called todays posty Dark Vixen, because when I went to see my gorgeous Faylinns (of Buttery Toast fame) new shop she said I looked like “A Vixen ready to swoop in and steal my husband” The cheek! ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

But this look is dark and sexeh so I guess I can forgive her!



Dark Vixen - Full

DArk Vixen - Closer

Dark Vixen - Close Up

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It Wasnt Me

Ello again Me Darlin’s!

Firstly, I would like to take a sec to introduce Babbling Brooks newest Sponsor!
Everyone, please welcome Azhara Boutique! *Applause*
Azhara Boutique is a gorgeous shoe store dedicated to the Slink Foot, and seriously each and every shoe I have seen come from this store has been beyond lush, I’m super honoured to have been invited to join the Azhara Boutique blogger team!

The first pair of Azhara Boutique shoes I can show you are these cute as fook Mary Jane heels. The Diini shoes come in two versions – with strap and without – and are for the Slink High Foot ❤

Then we have ohhh so many Halloween goodies! !nfinity have cute and  bloody dresses out at Halloween Fair, they come in 9 prints, and are mesh.

Petite Morte have face and body blood splatter tattoos out for the saturday sale, each come in 2 versions, and the body blood includes Slink Hand appliers.

Regular readers already know about my lil skull obsession, I dunno what it is, even the evil ones look cute lol, and the skull in this crown is adorbs, hes trying to look sinister – cuuuuute!!! The crown is a gatcha prize,  there are 9 to play for, with 3 rares.


It Wasnt Me - Full

It Wasnt Me

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Sometime Never

Hey Loves!

Happy Saturdaaaaaaay! \o/

For this post we have news from Bellaire, Infinity, Insanya and Ploom who have 3 gorgeous new hairstyles that each include an animal headband. This is Pwny and features cute lil Pony ears headband and hud to change the colour to a choice of 10. The other hairstyles will feature in upcoming posts, and so will the complete collection of animal ears headbands that are interchangeable with all 3 new releases (and possibly other hairs).


Sometime Never - Full

Sometime Never

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A Kiss From A Rose

Elloo again Pookies!

Here we have another exclusive sneaky peek of some more goodies due to be on sale at the new Body Mod Expo. This time is the turn of Damselfly and Shock Factory. The event doesnt open its doors till the 10th october, so I wont provide the LM till then, but I can promise you, theres TONS of goodies to be snaffled, and I’m so excited to be covering this fantastic event!

As there are no clothes being sold at Body Mod, you need to head over to The Big Show for all ya sexy clobber, and this gorgeous lil Lingerie set is DirtyStories exclusive for this round. The set includes system clothing layers, appliers for Phat Azz/Lolas, and a Hud to change the colour of the roses – smokin’!

My heels are brand newies by [QE], are for the Slink High Foot, and include a Hud to change the colour of the heel to a choice of 8, the metal to a choice of 3, and the option to hide the lil bats ❤

Finally !nfinity are taking part in 2 dark events this month, Halloween Blackout, and Twisted Fantasy – its event heaven right now!

Kiss From A Rose -

Kiss From A Rose - Closer

Kiss From A Rose - Close Up

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Look Beyond The Mask

Ello again Dolls!

So I’m back in the studio for this posty, to be honest, its only because its been sooooo long since I did a studio post, and I couldn’t face going out and choosing a location lol – I’m tired k?!

So here we are with more goodies from the upcoming Bling Hunt. All the goodies  – as previously mentioned – are only 1L for all the lucky huntresses! As you can see there are some seriously kick ass (almost) freebs, this is one hunt deffo worth the effort!


Look Beyind The Mask


Look Beyond The Mask - Closer

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We Need A Break

Elloooooooo Poppets!

Firstly, please excuse my weekend absence, yesterday was my Sons 15th birthday and so I was in RL dedicating both Sunday, and Monday to him ❤ It’s scary how fast time flies, it only seems like yesterday I was holding that lil bundle of love in my arms….now I’m screaming at him to tidy his room!

Anyhoo, onto the post, but before I talk about what I’m wearing, I wanna take a second to introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor . . . . Please welcome !nfinity to the blog! *Applauds* If you don’t know !nfinity yet, you will, cos they have cute things for our fingers and toes and all bits in between! Ok so I mean jewelery and piercings 😀
These cute lil rings with (friendly) wasps adorning em are currently available at Thrift Shop, but you will need to be quick, cos that wicked event is closing – fast!

My cute as fook lil headband is by the gorgeous Buttery Toast, they were on sale for Lazy Sunday yesterday, and are normal price from today. Each headband includes a hud to change the colour of the lil eyes – LOVE!

The top is anther new release by HighRize, is mesh and includes appliers for Lolas (not shown here)

My sexy ultra low rize Jeans are by Hollipocket at Suicide Dollz and are 1 of  2 new colours. Azz appliers and Slink Feet appliers are included ❤

Finally my booties are another new release by bens Beauty, are for the Slink Mid Foot, and include 18 colours.


We Need A Break

We Need  A Break - Closer.

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