Good Girl Gone Bad @ Dolly Loli

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Good Girl Gone Bad * Dolly Loli

=+Freebies & Deals+=
Belly Button Piercing (Free MM Board)
$50L Rainbow Bullet Belt
Group Gift Hair – Fee
Group Gift Eyes – Fee
Group Gift Stockings – Fee
$125 Voodoo Plushie

Imp from Tales of a Fantasy
Boombox from She & Him
Cyber Wrench from We Love RP

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The Evil Bunny Hunt 4 Part I

The Evil Bunny Hunt 4 is one of the best Easter Hunts u can do in this time at sl, today i want to show u a few of the gifts u can find if u join this hunt, i hope u like it enjoy the weekend.

All Details HERE

Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 Part I

Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 is the last hunt of Evil Bunny Hunts, and will run till 15th december, is totally free and you will find a lot of stores and prizes, furniture, skins,clothes, etc. At the end you will have the landmark of the hidden place where you will find the sponsors gifts, so don’t leave it in middle or you will loose sponsors gifts 😉
Details HERE

Summer Daze (Endless Summer Hunt)

EndlessSummer1 EndlessSummer2


Mon Cheri, R&B, A&A, Duh!, Hogs and Cartwheels, Sakide, Phoebe, Endless Pain, Hebenon Vial, Collisions, Scrub and Elephante Poses for Endless Summer Hunt.

CLICK HERE for Landmarks and Hints