Sad November Rain

Hello again Gorgeous Girlies ❤

I have news of a brand spanking new event!

The Sad November Fair begins in just a few days (November 1st), and Yours Truly is an official blogger!


I will be be showcasing as many of the gorgeous Sad November exclusives as I possibly can between now and the end of the event.

Sad November Rain

Sad November Rain - Closer

Sad November Rain - Close Up

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Sometime Never

Hey Loves!

Happy Saturdaaaaaaay! \o/

For this post we have news from Bellaire, Infinity, Insanya and Ploom who have 3 gorgeous new hairstyles that each include an animal headband. This is Pwny and features cute lil Pony ears headband and hud to change the colour to a choice of 10. The other hairstyles will feature in upcoming posts, and so will the complete collection of animal ears headbands that are interchangeable with all 3 new releases (and possibly other hairs).


Sometime Never - Full

Sometime Never

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Pinky & Perky

Hey Babes ❤

Here we have some news from the ever gorgeous {Vision} – S&F, Buttery Toast, {PixelGeek}, Bens Boutique, Zoz, and another of Purges new tatts at Victims of Ink event ❤

(Apologies for brief intro, my internet is being an arse wipe so its taken me all my time to make the post!)

Pink & perky - Full A

Pinky & Perky

Pinky & Perky - Close Up.

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Brush It Under The Rug

Ello again Dolls!

Happy Monday! (If that’s possible)

Here we are with some brand spanking new goodies at Tabou Irresistible, Forever Young at Body Mod, Bens Boutique, a wicked freeb at Izzies, and a kick ass Group Gift from R.O \o/

Plus for all the ink lovers –  a brand new event – Victims of ink – has opened, Purge have sexeh thigh tatts out there, this is one of 3 hot lil pin ups ❤


Brush it Under The Rug - Full

Brush It Under The Rug

Brush It Under The Rug - Back

Brush It Under The Rug - Close Up

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Hey me Darlin’s!

A quicky post before I get busy with RL.  (What do you mean I’m just putting things off? Ok Ok, you’re right, I am, but ughhhh!)

Anywaaaay, more news from Ploom at Mystic Fair, HighRize, and Shock, plus [Q.E] and K-Otic at Body Mod Expo – I told you it was gonna be a kick ass event didn’t I?!! *Nods*


Abstract - Full


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Reward Offered

Ello me Lovelys!

Firstly – apologies – again, Ive been AFK for the weekend as it is my RL Hubbys birthday today, so we spent the weekend doin’ nice things. . . .  *smirks*

Moving on tho, lots more to see from the Big Show, and Body Mod Expo, plus an introduction to Babbling Brooks newest sponsor . . . please welcome the gorgeous, and totally cute {PixelGeek} to the blog! If you dont know {PixelGeek} you will find lots of sweet and sugary clothes and accessories, such as the cute bangles here for the Body Mod Expo, and the hot lil bandeau top for Lubbly Jubblies ❤ Tysm to Nena for inviting me to join the fabulous {PixelGeek} team! ❤


Reward Offered - Full


Reward Offered - Closer

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The Twisted Truth

Hellooooo again Babes!

How gorgeous is this skirt? Its new by Muka, and is  available exclusively at The Big Show from today! \o/ The Lavina skirts are original mesh, coming in standard sizes, plus extra sizes for Phat Azz & Cute Azz, there are 5 colours to choose from ❤

The hottie lil top is by Arise and is also available at The Big Show. The Check tops come in 6 colours and include appliers for Lolas, Wowmeh, and Slink Physique.

Also at The Big Show you will find Buttery Toasts newest release, the Chained Heart sets. each set contains bracelet and ring, with a hud to change the stones colour. There are 4 metals to choose from.

Finally, the gorgeous eyes are one of [Q.E]’s newest releases, this time over at Totally Top Shelf. Each set of eyes includes Dr Jekyll versions – normal (which are sooo pretty, and just a lil bloodshot), and extra bloodshot for when the madness starts setting in 😀 Plus 3 Mr Hyde versions, which as you can see, are not normal at all! But perfect for Halloween. You can even change them independently, for that extra Cray!


The Twisted Truth


The Twisted Truth - Close Up


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Eyes.

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When You Feel All Gooey Inside ♥

Ello Lovely Peeps!

A late night blog post for me, so excuse any typos that might ensue, my fingers are tired but my brain is not!

We’re going pastel candy for this post, as Ploom, Forever Young  and Hollipocket all have gorgeous goodies out at the Candy Fair.
To compliment, L.Warwick have uber cute heels in candy colours at My Slink Obsession, and Hollipocket will have the full release of the Remixed Girly Girl Jeans out at The Big Show from Oct 7th.

Gooey Inside - Full

Gooey Inside - Closer.

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We Need A Break

Elloooooooo Poppets!

Firstly, please excuse my weekend absence, yesterday was my Sons 15th birthday and so I was in RL dedicating both Sunday, and Monday to him ❤ It’s scary how fast time flies, it only seems like yesterday I was holding that lil bundle of love in my arms….now I’m screaming at him to tidy his room!

Anyhoo, onto the post, but before I talk about what I’m wearing, I wanna take a second to introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor . . . . Please welcome !nfinity to the blog! *Applauds* If you don’t know !nfinity yet, you will, cos they have cute things for our fingers and toes and all bits in between! Ok so I mean jewelery and piercings 😀
These cute lil rings with (friendly) wasps adorning em are currently available at Thrift Shop, but you will need to be quick, cos that wicked event is closing – fast!

My cute as fook lil headband is by the gorgeous Buttery Toast, they were on sale for Lazy Sunday yesterday, and are normal price from today. Each headband includes a hud to change the colour of the lil eyes – LOVE!

The top is anther new release by HighRize, is mesh and includes appliers for Lolas (not shown here)

My sexy ultra low rize Jeans are by Hollipocket at Suicide Dollz and are 1 of  2 new colours. Azz appliers and Slink Feet appliers are included ❤

Finally my booties are another new release by bens Beauty, are for the Slink Mid Foot, and include 18 colours.


We Need A Break

We Need  A Break - Closer.

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