Polls how important they are not only to the creator but also to you as a shopper.

I see in many facebook groups people complain that their needs are not been listen from creators.

Alternatively, how can they see something they want to buy to be made?

However, when creators do polls and ask your help to help them understand your needs better you do not help.

Why? Why so many people all they want is to complain and only complain? Act too.

So many complain about things a shop has when they come in and they find it annoying but they never ever do the poll that the creator ask so he or she can see what change to make in their shops.

I have ask so many times  my group members to see pictures on future clothes and tell me what they like so I can upload and make then and what they hate and from 5000 members only 4 did it.

I ask them to tell me what they will like to see out there that is missing……. Or what is annoying or missing from my shop so their time can be more fun…..

Do not ask only for free gifts, help too.

Don’t you like to have a voice and say what things you like or hate?

For example at my small easy anonymous poll I ask things that will help me to improve how I run my shop so I can have less annoying things to people who pop up 😀

I have 31 people that have taken those 2–3 minutes to do it.

Speak up by doing those polls.

Not all polls are boring, long, that takes a lot of your time, and even if it takes 5 minutes if you want to change things go do them.