A Little Birdy

A pretty location and a pretty outfit and manicure…what more could a girl ask for? 😉

Pics by Peep

1 Mix Outfit Vivid_014

Drop a penny in the well, close your eyes and make a wish. Don’t even whisper it to a little birdy and it will come true. Little birdies have big mouths…I know because one told me about this lovely location 😉

I took these photos at Lost Horizon. Cougar Sangria has graciously opened her home sim until the end of December. It is a stunningly peaceful place and I availed myself of her generosity to take these photos. I admit to getting stuck in this spot…I just loved this little well in a secluded glen. I took a few shots of other parts of the sim, but I didn’t do it justice. I’ll be back, though, to try to capture it’s serene beauty.

1 Mix Outfit Vivid21

Here is a closer look at my casual outfit and gorgeous manicure, compliments of .::Vivid::.. See? Even the little birdy is admiring them 😉

Pretty stuff…

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Backyard Adventuring.. – Shaedynlee

Hello there, pretty ones! I’ve got a few sweet things to show you.. I’ve got some “:M&M: Iced Cookie Nails!” by Muchness and Muchly, a really cute outfit by B!ASTA for for PSR Round 10, some fantastic skin “Lacy skin fair+ Shape” by Curves  for PSR Round 10, a fairly recent ‘do by .ploom. called “Leela“, and I have some brand new eyes  “Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Rising Spring, w2)” from this week’s Secret 60L sales event.

~Miss Kat from Muchness and Muchly is making rigged/non-rigged nail versions as well as slink versions  so if you see something you think you like – please don’t immediately panic – she might just have the thing you’re looking for after all ;-)

Are you ready for the full Monty? This is “[ B!ASTA] :CANDY SKULL: & :CITY LIMITS: Sweater & Shorts Pink” paired perfectly with “[ B!ASTA] :EDELWEISS: Leather boots – Brown & pink socks” and capped off nicely with “:SPECTATOR: Goggles . Pink” from the B!ASTA PSR gacha:

Backyard Adventuring.. – Shaedynlee.

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Thank you so much ~xo Shae