Uneventful: A Blogger Challenge

I’ve got a challenge for bloggers! Check out my post for details and I look forward to seeing your posts 🙂

Pics by Peep

1 Uneventful

Let me start by saying that the reason I haven’t blogged all week is because it has been anything but uneventful. My week started with driving to work in torrential rain and howling wind, nearly being hit by a tree falling across the street, a flat tire, a sinus infection, more than one spreadsheet from hell and simply being exhausted. I was just too tired to do a blog post justice.

I last blogged about Event Overload. Don’t get me wrong; I love sales events in Second Life and do most of my shopping during events. They give shoppers the opportunity to be ensured of new releases and exposure to multiple creators in one handy location and they are often discounted. Even if an event is hosted in the actual stores, it is easy to find what is going on through various groups, Flickr, Plurk and blogs. I do…

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Best. Hair. EVAH!!!!

Totally awesome new hair from *ARGRACE*

Pics by Peep

1 Argrace Haruka

If you read the credits of my posts or have visited my SLurls To Favourite Places page, you have seen me mention *ARGRACE*. While I may have been aware of this store before, it really hit my radar at Hair Fair last year. This has become my very favourite hair store in Second Life and rika Oyen, the designer, has pretty much guaranteed that anything she releases becomes an insta-buy for me. Haruka was no different.

When I took a look at the photo in the note card from the *ARGRACE* group when I logged on today, I zoomed straight to the store. I didn’t even bother trying on a demo – I just paid my $L250 and dashed home (I also bought the other new release, but I’ll save that for another day).

Now, I know there have been other windblown styles before – I even have a…

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Give me Love.



Love, Jade

OMG! Check out this gorgeous group gift from [PXL] Creations!

Pics by Peep

1 PXL Jade Love Edition

I do love Jade. It is the skin I have worn since it arrived on the scene sometime last year. And I love being a member of [PXL] Creations Women’s VIP Group because Hart Larsson spoils us with lovely skins. The latest group gift is Jade “Love Edition” and she is scrumptious.

With a sprinkling of freckles and oh-so-kissable lips, this creamy skin is just perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Or heck, even before! This is the Natural tone, the one I almost got when I picked out the Sunkissed and Olive tones I now sport. Next time, I think I’ll forgo the Olive and go with the Natural.

Being a member of the [PXL] Creations group not only gives you access to exclusive gifts, but you get 10% back on all of your purchases. So I splashed out on the Slink Hand Appliers. It may be a gift…

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Cake and Lingerie

Two of almost everyone’s favorite things in life are cake and lingerie. I want to remind you all of the I love Cake hunt that is still going on. The last few days for these goodies, free to anyone that tp’s over to the Cleavage Sim and finds those yummy slices of cake around the sim. The hunt will end Jan 15th so get those heels on ladies and hold on to your boobage and hit that hunt up for these  and many more great prizes.
More infor here
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Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Jane Mesh  New Release!!

Eyes: IKON  Spectral Eyes – Clarity

Skin: [PXL]   JADE OL Bare Lips C2 MEB (EN) ( temp location until shop rebuilt)

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Quick As A Snail

An amazing location and a fabulous dress await you. Peek inside for the details!

Pics by Peep

Vivid Vivacity

That’s how I feel, having been up since 5am. While I’m normally an early riser, that is extra early for me. Even my cat was wondering why the lights were on at that hour. So I need to get moving on this post before I succumb to a nana nap at mid-morning!

I have seen a lot of photos of The Sleepy Snail at Metales on Flickr and other blogs and decided to venture over for a look-see. I really never thought snails could be beautiful, but this location is lovely, serene and haunting. I found myself playing with WindLight to discover the brilliance of the sim, especially the reflections from the bejeweled snails and the ethereal play of light on the filament and filigree surrounding them. I hopped on the back of this mid-sized fellow to show off this new dress from .::Vivid::. for the current round at Designer…

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Winter Wandering

Some awesome goodies from Collabor88 and a sweet winter destination!

Pics by Peep

1 KIttyCatS Winterland_048

Despite the fact that it’s getting warmer here by the day, I have to admit that the recent round of Collabor88 has put me in the winter spirit (don’t hate me, Wendz!) I’m sure it will disappear by the time we hit our first 38C (100F) day. We’ve gotten close, but this morning it is a comfy 22C (71.6F), so I’m relishing the spring-like weather and taking advantage to channel my inner snow bunny.

I bundled up in this outfit I put together with finds from both the current round of Collabor88 and the depths of my inventory. Amazingly, I wore this outfit for two days, since I didn’t like the photos I took on my first outing. Fortunately, on my second attempt I had just received a notecard from Fruit Islands, letting us know that there are now three winter sims open to the public. I wandered over the

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The Summer In December Challenge

It’s Blogger Challenge time! Find those bikinis or shorts and thongs and share your Summer in December 🙂 More details inside…

Pics by Peep

Bikini Challenge_016J

A while back, I lamented the fact that I have been feeling seasonally confused. Living in Australia, winter and summer are flipped from the seasons in the northern hemisphere, so when the woolens come out in Second Life, I’m ready to pull out the shorts, tank tops and thongs. My blogger mate, Wendz, is in the same situation since she lives in is from the land of luaus and hula skirts. She and I went back and forth on the subject in posts and comments and a challenge sprung from the BBQ briquettes!

So, here is the challenge:

Take a photo (or several) of a reminder of summer in December. Whether that is the season you experience or it is but a distant memory, show us what summer is like to you in December. Tell a story or just post the pics – it’s entirely up to you…

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A Little Birdy

A pretty location and a pretty outfit and manicure…what more could a girl ask for? 😉

Pics by Peep

1 Mix Outfit Vivid_014

Drop a penny in the well, close your eyes and make a wish. Don’t even whisper it to a little birdy and it will come true. Little birdies have big mouths…I know because one told me about this lovely location 😉

I took these photos at Lost Horizon. Cougar Sangria has graciously opened her home sim until the end of December. It is a stunningly peaceful place and I availed myself of her generosity to take these photos. I admit to getting stuck in this spot…I just loved this little well in a secluded glen. I took a few shots of other parts of the sim, but I didn’t do it justice. I’ll be back, though, to try to capture it’s serene beauty.

1 Mix Outfit Vivid21

Here is a closer look at my casual outfit and gorgeous manicure, compliments of .::Vivid::.. See? Even the little birdy is admiring them 😉

Pretty stuff…

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