I Dream Of You & Then I Wake Alone

Ello again! (So soon right?!)

Ploom have the most fantastic hair out that is made especially for laying down poses! Its called splayed and looks so adorable tumbling down on the bed/pillows. The hair is available in the usual huds, and is deffo one for all the photographers/bloggers.

Perfect to go with the sexy bed head is [Q.E]’s sexy lingerie sets, available at Risque Business Fair.  The sets come with system layers, and huds for Tango/Lush/Mirage boobs, Phat Azz/Cute Azz/Ghetto booty, and  the Wowmeh body.

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Together But Apart

Happy Friday Love Muffins!!!

Yaknow ya have ya fave fave-erest pair of jeans? Well in SL I have mine, the sexy Boyfriend Jeans by [Q.E], skintight, with Phat Azz appliers, I love em! Well the gorgeous Emmikins has made a capri version for summer! In normal and ripped, and including appliers, you can grab em at TBS now!

Also in this post, more cute cuteness at Funny Puppet fair, including this backpack that I really really want in RL, the puppet kills me – totes adorbs!

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I predict A Riot

Ello again Meloves!
Happy Saturday 😀
Woo 2 days into the weekend with another 2 to come – don’t ya just love Easter?!

Soo, to begin with today [Q.E] have sexy lil outfits at TBS . They include tops with Tango/Mirage appliers, pants with Phat Azz/Ghetto Ass appliers, and sockies with Slink appliers ❤

Im also wearing more news from Pomposity, a heavy neckchain with padlock, and belly Chain. These are texture change to 7 metals.

The wicked plaster & blood I’m sporting is also new, by Tabou Irrestible at Comics fair.

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100 Times Yes

Ello Again Ladies!

100 Block is well and truly open, and jam packed with all things fab-a-roo! Be sure to remove as many scripts as possible when you go, cos there is a limit, I took off my huds (including AO) and managed to keep all my clothes, etc on, and so as not to look like a robot, I did something equally aghh – I flew around the sim, nooby yes, but I was also quick 😀

Also, RAFF ends tomorrow, so be sure to grab all the goodies you didn’t pick up yet, before they either poof, or go back to full price :o)

Last but by no means least, the very gorgeous [Q.E] have cute lil belly chains out at The Big Show. These lil lovelies are mod, so you can a pic of your very fave person in, so obvs I put the Lovely Hugh Jackman in mine 😀 It was either him or the Wifeh – Hugh’s  gonna win everytime – sorry Wifeh! (Lol nopes, my RL hub wasn’t even considered!)

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Bunneh Girleh

Ello again Lovelies ❤

This weeks GFW has kicked off, and its packed with loadsa cute items!
This lil Bunny outfit is on sale this weekend. The Bunny includes the lingerie, appliers for Tango & Phat Azz, ears, tail, and a lil lollipop not shown.
Also for GFW, Prevette have cute lil stockings out. The stockings are for Phat Azz, and include 4 versions, sheer for both legs, right leg, left leg, and a one sheer one net version. Also included are lil lace bows for the back of the legs, and some for ya boobies ❤
The lil shoulder tattoo is also out for GFW, this is by Tenjin, and includes a fresh and faded version, in clothing layers. The tatt is perfect to wear with mesh boobies 😀

In other news, this months 21 shoe is on, so for today only you can get selected shoes, 2 for the price of one! These sexy lil numbers are one of Hucci’s offerings, and I’m hoping they have more colours, cos these are seriously adorbs! The 21 Shoe event lasts just one day, so I have included a LM to all the stores involved this month, better though to join the group so you don’t miss out next month!

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Let Me Go

Ello Darlings!

Happy Monday! I hope ya’ll had a fantastic weekend.

I had planned on cleaning my inventory over the course of the weekend, and although I started well – cleaning 3,000 items from my objects folder on Saturday, Sunday was much less productive, having bought a cute lil greenhouse, and buying more items to go in it :o/
Lil greenhouse will feature in a blog post when its done, cos its too cute not to 😀
Then of course I had to have some stuffs to go outside it, and so it went –  oh a little wheelbarrow would look cute, and look, a swing set… and oh lets just have a few of these . . . and so on – ah the toils of a shopaholic!
Oh, so talking of shopaholics. . . . . . more stuffs to buy for our sexeh selves!

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