Lights, Camera, Action!

Ello again me Darlin’s!

We have some sexeh news from [Q.E] for this evenings posty, in the form of slinky slip nighties. The Wrapped Nighties  come in 5 colours, and include appliers for Tango/Lush/Mirage boobs & Cute/Phat Azz & Ghetto butts plus mesh inserts in 5 sizes (the inserts are also mod for the perfect fit).

Then we have more news from Bens Boutique – the Alison heels come in 17 colours and are for the Slink High Foot ❤

Finally we have brand spanking newness from Pomposity at 3 events, the Black Fashion Fair, Great Summer Bash and Gatcha Garden 😀

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OOTD # The Exception


I was asked by some girls to create a simple outfit a little ‘more urban than usual. Yes, I changed the theme of the blog for a few months .. I started posting OOTD fantasy, role-playing and gorean. I’m happier than before, in fact this is the genre that I have always loved and I’ve always worn me first! Despite this, however we will make an exception to the rule today, just to satisfy those who follow me maybe I could post something urban every now and then! Then, ENJOY!


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SKIN: !Soul Skin Annle 2.1 – Natural # !Soul
HAIR: MOON{hair}. Absence of Fear – Group GiftMOON
NAILS: {Wicked} Peach – Harvest Silver Nail Appliers – NEW{Wicked}

HANDS: Slink
FEET: Slink
BOOTY: Ghetto

TOP: {FF}Cutesy Off Shoulder Crop-Sparkle – NEWErotigatcha
PANTS: [QE] Backstage Pants /Coal/ – NEW[QE]
BELT: -DRD- Steampunk belt dark – NEWWE ❤ RP
CHIHUAHUA: Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Spike – Black # The Chapter Four

POSE: Verocity – Grace 5 – NEWOMG Room


H A P P I L Y ♛ S H O P P I N G
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Waiting For That Day To Come

Ello again Sweet Cheeks ❤

I popped over to Project Limited yesterday, just for a nose – or so I thought – I ended up spending a fortune there! I thought that I may have missed out on all the best limited editions, but there are still tons of exclusives to be snaffled. And seriously some kick ass goodies, although I’m skint now, I have lots of new stuffehs to play with, not least my new little friend here, hes adorbs, he waddles with me when I walk, too cute ❤

Now, to todays outfit, which starts off with a sexeh new hair by Mina at Kustom9. The hair includes both a Materials enabled version and one without, for both normal sized boobs, and big boobs.I am wearing the Materials version here, which is why the hair has super rich shine – love ❤

The sexeh slashed pants are by [Q.E] at Suicide Dollz and come in 6 colours. Each colour comes in 2 versions – with and without fishnet under the slashes. Appliers for Cute/Phat Azzes & Ghetto are included.

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This Indecision’s Buggin’ Me

Ellooooo again Loves!
Here we go with brand spanking news by L.Warwick & Ploom. Plus stuffs from She & Him, Funny Puppet Fair, The Big Show and The Dark Style Fair. OMG there are events all over the grid, and I’m lovin’ it –   SL is shopping nirvana right now!

Who Are You To Judge?

Eloooo Monkehs ❤

Here we have some more fahoooookin hotness by [Q.E] at Bodify & Erotigatcha.  Seriously Emms is on fire with these. Jus sooo hawt, look at what she puts in her bag of tricks o.O

K, so first the bag of tricks, ohhh what goodies it contains 😀 Its one of 10 available in gatcha, this heres one of the 2 rares, but all are woo-hoo sexah!

Then the lingerie, it comes in all clothing layers, plus appliers for Tango/Mirage boobs, & Phat Ass and Ghetto asses, so the combinations are nearly endless, LOVE!

Annnd, the E-cig, is a brand newey from Tabou Irrestible at Suicide Dollz . The cigs come in Smoking/Non smoking versions, with mouth/hand attachments.

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Bares In The Woods

Ello Lil Loves ❤

Well I was struggling with a name for this post, so I passed it onto RL Hubby, and SL Wifeh, and, well, ugh, lets just say I wont be doing THAT again.
Some of the more “interesting” names they thought of were:
Hub – “Frillies In The Lillies” (Great, but there’s not a lily to be seen)
Wifeh –  “Summer Baked Peaches” – Cos ” well its a pudding and its sunshine on ya bum cheeks”
Hub – “Pants In The Woods” (Omg)

So in the end I went with my name, Bares In The Wood, not much better, I admit, but look what I’m dealing with!
“What about…’if you go down to the woods today…”
“Or teddy ‘bares’ her picnic”
“lmfaooooooooo loling dead bad”

Jeez. . . . .

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Somebody’s Watching Me

(And An Old Friend Returns)

Ello Loves!

One of my oldest SL friends, has come back into SL after like, a 3 year break, and bless her, its like shes a noob again.
When ya here all the time, all the changes that happen, you adapt to day by day, but when you see someone return from such a long break, it just shows how much has changed over the years. She didn’t know about mesh, or how the new fangled boxes are opened now! And even the basics of the new viewers have been a mission for her to get used to. (She’d also lost her Ao so was dancin around the grid in order to not walk like a day old noob!) but OMG has it been a trip watching her get used to SL again

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So Onto The Posty!

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