100 Times Yes

Ello Again Ladies!

100 Block is well and truly open, and jam packed with all things fab-a-roo! Be sure to remove as many scripts as possible when you go, cos there is a limit, I took off my huds (including AO) and managed to keep all my clothes, etc on, and so as not to look like a robot, I did something equally aghh – I flew around the sim, nooby yes, but I was also quick 😀

Also, RAFF ends tomorrow, so be sure to grab all the goodies you didn’t pick up yet, before they either poof, or go back to full price :o)

Last but by no means least, the very gorgeous [Q.E] have cute lil belly chains out at The Big Show. These lil lovelies are mod, so you can a pic of your very fave person in, so obvs I put the Lovely Hugh Jackman in mine 😀 It was either him or the Wifeh – Hugh’s  gonna win everytime – sorry Wifeh! (Lol nopes, my RL hub wasn’t even considered!)

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