A Time To Reflect

Elloooooo & Happy Easter everyone!

Before eveyone opens thier eggs and the house is awash with chocolate, I thought Id bring you Maitreya’s new collection of goodies as I absolutely adore every item.

Me and the Wifeh went yesterday and bought the gorgeous tucked in sweaters, jeans, pants, and bootehs, and because we were in a shopping frenzy we didn’t discuss who was getting what colours, and so ended up buying the same colours of everything :o/   Which is fine – as long as we don’t wanna go anywhere together while wearing em.

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Creme De La Creme

Ello Babies ❤

Excuse my absence – as well as it being Valentines day on Friday, it was my RL bday yday, and I was so spoiled over the weekend & completely lovin it, that I couldnt even get near a computer – ha \o/
(Tho I do have to give a lil squeeze to all those Peeps on FB who took their time to send me birthday messages – I am such a shit FB-er, I’m never on there –  so it meant a lot that people took a minute to msg me there – loves to em all ❤

K, so on to the posty!

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Hiya Girlies!

I’ve seen this adorable lil doggy on a few of the blogs, and instantly fell in love. But I had assumed it was a Zooby Dog, therefore quite expensive so I didn’t think of buying one.
Until that is, I saw that its actually made by Birdy and is available at The Mens Dept – yay!
So as soon as I could, off I popped and adopted my own lil Boston Terrier, whom I have called Scamp after one of my RL Fur Babies (Who is actually a cat but hey no matter 😀 )
He totes adorbs, no?
Dont be surprised if he geggs in on the next few posts 😀

Buddies B full

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Luv Cuffs

Hey Darlings,

Well here we are at another Monday, lets try not to be filled with doom, lets go shopping instead!
And where better than to start than at the new round of Silicone, where you can get hold of cute lil strapless tops like this from Static, coming in 6 designs. All of em include appliers for Tango and Phat Azz \o/
Alsooo, (Red)Mint have gorgeous new hair out, this one includes Tango sizes, bows, and 3 huds to control the bows texture, ver’ sexeh no?

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