Warm in the City

Featuring outerwear and other items from the December Mens Dept round… for full credits & slurls click here.

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Skin by Clef de Peau, Shape by Markel Shapes, hair by Ink.

Jacket by K, Jeans by Aphorism, Scarf by Chronokit, Shoes by Gabriel, Necklace by Zibska.

Poses by Poseology.

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Jacket by Etham, Jeans by Aphorism, Shoes by Love Re Me. Poses by Saal Body & Kikay.

To the pots

You need to dress right when you work on a boat because the weather can change fast…

Clothing from the October Mens Dept and new releases from Fashion Emergency and American Bazaar. For full credits and more pictures click here.

setting out 2bisAt 6:00am it had all the makings of a fine day, the kind you dream about in October, but you never know when you go out. A patch of dark clouds was gathering through the morning haze and we were heading right towards it…

The Wind RIses lighetr 2Half way to the pots, the wind picked up and the first drops began to fall. Rule No.1: keep your neck warm – so I grabbed my Gabriel sweater. The one that keeps my ears warm and the rain off my face. It never leaves the boat…

At the Marker shad 2By the 20 mile marker, it was a damn mini-squall. The sky darkened again, the rain rolling in like sheets and we went for the foul weather gear. Did I mention the wind, I guess I did…

rainI threw on my Deadwool slicker. Yeah it’s covered in grease from the engines; it’s not a fashion show out there. It keeps my hands free and the rain off my back, that’s what matters!

Autumn Posing

Some more seasonal looks, again with Aeva‘s Elijah skin gift. It’s tough finding good skin gifts for men, so don’t miss this one, and if you like the skin, the official release version (i.e. without beard) is now out in the store.

The clothing includes a few more Mens Dept items from the September round ending today, a nice hunt gift from American Bazaar, various free accessories and a newish release from HuHu.

For full Credits and Slurls click here.

Autumn Pose 6 lighter

  • Sweater by American Bazaar. Skin by Aeva, Shape by Novus Studio, hair by Alli & Ali. Pose by Saal Body.


  • Sweater by Nerd Project, Shorts by HuHu, hat by Deco. Pose by HISPose.

Hisattitude2 color

  • Clothing by Go, Shoes by Love Re Me. Pose by HISPose.

Goodbye to Summer

Greetings to all the Be Happy in SL readers. Here are a few photos to warm up your Sunday, featuring items from this month’s Mens Dept along with some gifts and newer releases. For full credits and more pics look here.

The Palms flickr satur

Bathing Suit by Flow (Mens Dept), Necklace by Glam Dammit (Gift), Bracelet by Kosh (Gift). Skin by (Red)Sand, Shape by Shape it Up!, Hair by Alli & Ali. Pose by Icons of Style (Free)

Boardshorts flickr shadsBoardshorts by Flow (Mens Dept), Necklace by CheerNo (Mens Dept). Skin by Aeva (Gift), Shape by Novus Studio, hair by Alli & Ali (Gift). Poses by Stakey & Saal Body.

Goodbye to Summer 2

Clothing by 22769 (Mens Dept). Pose by Icons of Style (Free). Beach Chair/Umbrella by End of Daze.