... Suki ...
DaD "Globo Table Lamps Collection" #Collabor88
DaD "Globo Table Lamp" Gold c/m
Globo, a table/floor lamp with pure and essential lines. Available in 5 colors and by touch you activate the light menu with dozens of color variations.

DaD "Suki Set" #Equal10
"My Ikebana" and the Suki console table.  The flower and pot on the Ikebana is changeable by touch. Cream and Black for the vase part, and the flower in Peach, Sky, Yellow and Rose.  The Suki console table also can be changed by touch. Table in Brown, Black, Ivory and Natural. The table top also in the same colors.  

Scarlet Creative Charlotte's Corner Boat House Furiture Pack 199L.
Scarlet Creative Alexander Mantle Clutter MC
Scarlet Creative Rough Luxe Clutter Chair MC
Scarlet Creative Barton Rug

Scarlet Creative Painswick Panel - Navy

Elite Paris-Elephant (Fatpack) #CAKEDAY
ELEPHANT @Cakeday (15 March - 10 April)
Elite Paris-Elephant (Red)
Elite Paris-Elephant (NightBlue)

Apple Fall Hudson Fireplace #Equal10
[FOURTH WALL] Winterscape Frame
Elm. Whiskerwings//Bubblegum
Nutmeg. Soft Comfort Sofa w/Throw & Pillows - Happy Weekend

… beach side …

... beach side ...
This week Scarlet Creative has reintroduced the Jenna Gazbo in Wood and look how pretty! 
During the sale it comes with the historical painted version too. This Gazebo has 3 versions included in each color. Including with Slats at the Back, a full Back or no Back - allowing you to be super flexible if you align onto a house, or simply have in your garden or beach!
 6 x 9 M
16 LI
Mod and Copy

If your wondering about the furniture - yes, there is a perfect match on sale as well for 199L. Loaded with goodies and for the price, you can't beat it. 

Eve Aspen Chalet - a gorgeous wood and slate chalet. Has an optional Snow Package/Roof available also at the vendor. But it fits well on the top of the hill shown in the background. Comes in two sizes Best for 2046 Plots and up 
32 x 38M (large) 27 x 37M (regular)
94LI (regular) 118 LI (large)
Mod and Copy
With full custom LODS for optimization

LB_YoungGinkgoTree{Animated}*4Seasons is currently on sale for Wanderlust. Only 75L. 

Nutmeg. Backyard Evenings Gray / 1 @ Kustom 9

Nutmeg. Metal Bench with HUD for texture change
Nutmeg. Metal Chair 

Skye StudioSandy Beach (Pk1)
Skye Studio Beach Dunes
Fantatik Loften

… cottage kitchen …

... cottage kitchen ...
The smallest of spaces make the coziest spaces. Scarlet Creative revisited the Jardiniere Cottage this past weekend for the Saturday Sale and it's perfect. I added DaD "Phoebe Kitchen Modular System Set" now available at UBER and DaD " Phoebe Kitchen Island Set" available at FAMESHED. The Green and Gold! A beautiful detailed modular system set in a modern and rustic style.  HUD with four choices in cabinet colors -- cream, pink, blue and green and counter tops in off-white, light brown, dark brown and black.  Metal detail in silver and gold. Upper and lower cabinets, corners, cooker (stove), cooker hood, sink, refrigerator and much more to create your own unique look. 

Speaking of gold, Fancy Decor and Apple Fall collaborated to create the Fancy Fall Renouveau Living Room set. The colors went perfectly with my space. Inside the box you will receive the added bonus of LINKED set! FD did that with this year's Christmas tree. Linking is MUCH APPRECIATED! I can appreciate "parts" to create what I like but having the whole set rez at once is such a grand feeling. With a few adjustments wala~ Until next time ....

Scarlet Creative Jardiniere Cottage Revisited @ TSS - still available as I write this blog entry
DaD " Phoebe Kitchen Island Set"@ FAMESHED
DaD "Phoebe Kitchen Modular System Set" 1.1 @ UBER
Fancy Fall Renouveau Collection Fatpack - Adult @ FAMESHED

… Jardiniere Cottage …

... Jardiniere Cottage ...
The holidays might be past us now, but winter is still very much our weather in America. 
In New York, where I live, we have not seen snow yet this year, but one thing is clear, I LOVE the
snow. Andy tells me I'm crazy all the time, but it brings excitement to my day! I love watching it fall,
listening to the quiet it brings and God's way of saying " slow down". This little but mighty build is a revisit from Scarlet Creative, but! the new light and airy textures on the inside ( more blog posts to come) are wonderful. I actually loved the older version, never thought Charlotte could improve the Jardiniere Cottage, but this Winter
version is adorable. Now offered for the Saturday Sale, what a bargain at 75L. Shut Up! 
I took 25 shots in various angles and windlights. It was number 25 that I fell in love with. Funny, how patience wins over everytime in photography. 
Until next time ...

Scarlet Creative Jardiniere Cottage Winter - The Saturday Sale ends today 1.8.23

Trompe Loeil - Stellan Lamp Post ( only 2 prim with a huge impact)

Apple Fall Winter Heart Wreath (from 2017 but still so relevant) 

Little Branch _DouglasFirTree{Animated}*4Seasons ( my favorite go to pine for winter)
LB_WeepingWillow.V2{Animated} ( love the whimsy in the animation)

NOMAD // Snowy Fence B - ( my go to for winter fences)

Botanical - Edged Brick Park Path (winter) 

{anc} Shepherds bench 3Li (paint)(poses for 2)
{anc} little bird / bird (three) 2Li gray
{anc} little bird / bird (two) 2Li gray

JIAN Gray Fox Static - Looking
JIAN Gray Fox Static - Walking

{vespertine} lorraine greenhouse / worn white

… sniffing for leftovers …

...sniffing for leftovers ...
Elite Paris-Deer (Fatpack)Cakeday (15 Dec - 10 Jan)
Elite Paris-Deer (Gold)
Elite Paris-Deer (Orange) FullB
Elite Paris-Deer (Red)
Elite Paris-Deer (White) FullB
Elite Paris-Deer (White) FullB
Elite Paris-Deer (Brown) FullB
Elite Paris-Deer (Black) FullB
Elite Paris-Deer (NightBlue)
Elite Paris-Deer (Green) FullB

Fancy Decor: Regal Christmas Tree

Scarlet Creative Eve Aspen Chalet Large @ The Saturday Sale ony 75L! 

Little Branch_Grass1l{Winter}

… juniper & ski’s …

... juniper & ski's ...
[Onyx] Bad Temper Tattoo - G O A T66
[Onyx] Bad Temper Tattoo-I don't care (Fresh)

[Onyx] Xmas Stickers @ KINKY 69 Weekend
[Onyx] Xmas Stickers -style 2

Vulnus Feriae Set Fatpack @ WIP Event
Feriae Boots Reborn
Feriae Dress Reborn
Feriae Panties Reborn

KUNGLERS - Lizzie earring
KUNGLERS - Lizzie ring - Reborn

KUNGLERS - Netta necklace @ Cosmopolitan
KUNGLERS - Netta necklace - e.Reborn

MVT - Christmas coffee and sweets - 4
MVT - Fur bag - Black

Stealthic - Vigil (Ombres)
Stealthic - Vigil (Rigged)

All items available at the new furniture store

Scarlet Creative Junipter Gift Boxes
Scarlet Creative Juniper Large Trees
Scarlet Creative Painswick Panel - Navy
Scarlet Creative Grace Skis
Scarlet Creative Castile Floor Rug

… center myself space …

... center myself space ...
IDEA-Apple Set Fatpack @ DUBAI EVENT ends Dec 13th
IDEA-Appel Rug
IDEA-Apple ArmChair

Scarlet Creative Kent Warehouse Skybox Boxed
Scarlet Creative Kent Warehouse Ground Version - 
Scarlet Creative Kent Chair - Blue
Black Friday Sale until Nov 28th

New at the Scarlet Creative Furniture Store
Scarlet Creative Painswick Bookcase - Skye
Scarlet Creative Painswick Book Pile 3

Nutmeg. Neat Wall Frames
Nutmeg. Holiday Corner Hot Cocoa

Apple Fall Carter Lamp - Bronze
Apple Fall FallBook '21 - Pacific
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 14

12. Concept} Autumn Dreams. Fireplace

{vespertine} - potted monstera variegata
{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm.

SAYO - Tribeca Branch Chandelier

… fall gives way to artic winds …

... fall gives way to artic winds ...

Scarlet Creative Myrtle Mews for Saturday Sale
Super cute with those Autumn victorian vibes!
1024 Plots and Up 12 x 14 M 145 LI (For realistic size – comes with two)
Mod and Copy 75 L during the sale -Snow is available if you like winter

Personal collection items
:Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten
(Fundati) Rocks
alirium ItchyGrass [Brown]
Skye Enchanted Woods V3 1 (path)

Landscaping by Felix
Mesh Autumn Garden Border by Felix 12 Li=20x4m Size copy-mody

… bringing Paris to my farmhouse …

... bringing Paris to my farmhouse ...
I have a few things to discuss today. 
1. I am finally free of back pain! It's been a long 3 weeks since I strained my back swimming. My chiropractor is a miracle worker. 

2. Scarlet Creative has opened their long-awaited Furniture Store! If you think you have everything ever made my SC, think again! There ARE new items which I have fallen in love with. You have probably seen in my flicker photos the new Cotswold kitchen that came out at the same time as the East Hampton house. Charlotte has taken interiors one step further with the new Scarlet Creative Painswick Bookcase. The HUD with all the painted options for the inside shelves, you can't lose. Unbelievable decorating options. The fat pack is worth every penny, but you could buy individual colors (4 in all). Each includes a HUD for metals, shelves and interior paint. 

3. Yano what? There is a new Saturday Sale item too! Scarlet Creative Paris Furniture Set which includes the new Paris Bed, Side tables (adorable btw), Paris wool rug, Wall Art and unique Paris Dresser. 
4. Brand new Accessories set is in the new store too! Candles, beautiful leaf lamp (my favorite in gold) These are full price but hey! very affordable. 

5. Last but not least - Scarlet Creative Painswick Panels -New Store Release. Wait until you see the beautiful colors. 2 Panel sizes (wide or narrow) and they match perfectly with the Cotswold Kitchen or Paris Bedroom. Mix and match to stretch out the linden dollar budget!

6. One more topic to share. L2 Studio Homes released the new L2 SPICEWOOD FARMHOUSE only 129 LI this month. The textures are new for Lindini and I have really enjoyed the blue and tan colors. Featured in this post is one room, but I will be adding more as I continue to decorate. If you would like to see a fully decorated version, Lindini has it out on the sim which is open to all, all the time. 

oh oh oh one more thing! There is a HUNT going on at Scarlet Creative to celebrate the opening of the furniture store. You'll have to go over to see for yourself. Good Luck! 

Until next time...
... bringing Paris to my farmhouse ...

… Shoreditch …

...Shoreditch ...

Scarlet Creative Shoreditch Work Live Boxed – The Saturday Sale. Hurry before the weekend is out!
Retextured beautifully with new wood floors, tile, brick and iron. Low low PRIM. 4 versions included
Scarlet Creative Shoreditch Work Live Skybox Open Plan
Scarlet Creative Shoreditch Work Live Skybox Regular(shown)
both versions come in ground too

Scarlet Creative Cotswold Kitchen Black
comes with way too much to list. (Previous TSS sale item is now available at main store)

Scarlet Creative East Hampton Furniture
Scarlet Creative Sienna Sectional Sofa
Scarlet Creative Jane Vintage Bath Copper
Scarlet Creative Hamptons Armchair – Blossom
Scarlet Creative Hampton Round Table Vintage Base
Scarlet Creative Alex Gilt Pictures _ Small

Mithral * Wall Bar Plant Display (Beige)
Mithral * Wood Box Wall Planter Set (Black)
tarte. fiddle leaf fig
Apple Fall Begonia Maculata
Apple Fall Euphorbia Cactus
Nutmeg. Chandelier Gift
Nutmeg. Coffee Table & Fruits Happy Weekend

...Shoreditch ...