… chasing comets …

... chasing comets ...
Re-Released for The Saturday Sale Official - SL ❤ 
Time for Star and Comet Gazing!
Scarlet Creative - Chasing Comets
75 L
2048 plot +
16 x 27 M
119 LI
Mod and Copy

Nutmeg. Swing - Group Gift (still available)

All other items are from my personal collection. If there is something, you want to know more about feel free to send me a message in world (madi fray)

… garden light …

DaD "Painted wicker Set" at UBER UNTIL May 22
DaD "Painted wicker Loveaseat" ADULT v.1.0 c/m
DaD "Painted Wicker Coffee Table" c/m v.1.0

The Painted Wicker Love seat with side table brings you a beautiful set of decor to enhance your indoors or outdoors.  You won't have to sacrifice style for comfort, this love seat gives you the best of both worlds. 

Perfect for any day or time relaxing.  Curl up with a good book or just snuggle in and grab a nap.  The love seat comes in the prettiest floral fabric in pastel colors for the spring season. Six colors for the love seat, blanket, bamboo, and same for all pillows. 
The side table has six color options for wicker. 

Scarlet Creative Work Live Loft Skybox Boxed - Available at the Scarlet Creative Outlet 
Scarlet Creative Work Life Loft Skybox 
Click the rez box and sit on it (easiest way for skybox!) then click edit and change the under the Object menu the z (height) position - e.g. normally 500.   You and the box will travel to the sky.   Done!  Remember to save a landmark for when your house is.

Scarlet Creative Darcy Linen Flyaway Curtain MC

Nutmeg. Glass Door Cabinet - 60L Happy Weekend item
all the items are linked together! Colorful and easy to rez. this is well worth buying
Nutmeg. Country Porch Rocking Chair (No Swing)

PLAAKA SteelShelf&FarmingTools
PLAAKA Wheelbarrow
PLAAKA GardenHoseReel

PLAAKA StrawberryPlanter

-Garden- by anc "end of universe" rose / twist 1Li (allcolor)
Mithral * Vine Horizontal Wall Planter (Silver)
tarte. privacy planter (walnut)


… be vibrant …

location: our home - Scarlet Creative Wimberley Farmhouse@ The Saturday Sale Only 75L

7 Deadly s[K]ins - JANNY skins @ WIP Event Spring Edition
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo caramel
[7DS] - NECK fade LEL. evo X CARAMEL
[7DS] - BODY 2020 JANNY bom skin CARAMEL

7 Deadly s[K]ins - LOSING lipstick pack
[7DS] - LOSING lips N

[Onyx] Viola shape For LeLUTKA Milan @New Mainstore Release
[Onyx] Viola shape For LeLUTKA Milan Head 3.1-eBody Reborn
[Onyx] Viola shape

[ONYX] Trust Tattoo@  O R S Y EVENT
[ONYX] Trust Tattoo - Fresh

KUNGLERS - Danuza ring @ FaMesheD
KUNGLERS - Danuza ring

KUNGLERS - Justine hat @ SL Fashion Week 
KUNGLERS - Justine hat

KUNGLERS - Nora bracelets @ Cosmopolitan 
KUNGLERS - Nora - Bracelet
KUNGLERS - Nora - Ring

MOWIE - "Slee" Jumpsuit @ Dreamday M/L/P/R HUD
MOWIE - "Slee" Jumpsuit [Maitreya]

MOVEMENT -  On the go - FATPACK w/Poses @ Dreamday
MVT - Boss water ( PACK 3)
MVT - Phone and wallet White - (PACK 2)

LeLUTKA Milan Head 3.1 from Skin Fair 2022
/ EYES / lel EvoX 3.1
/ HEAD / lel EvoX MILAN 3.1

RAWR! Umbra Nails (add me)Previous 60L Happy Weekend
RAWR! Umbra Nails Maitreya

WINGS-HAIR-ER0408 Omber (Pack)@ C88

Trompe Loeil - Zeeland Couch + Pillows PG -[ texture HUD]
*TLC Scarlet Ibis [ comes animated and static]
hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . blue
ROIRO - RasenTree Type-03 (FATPACK)

Nutmeg. Spring Morning Tea Set
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Table
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Willow
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Tulips
Nutmeg. Metal Bench PG

… Aurantiaco …

... Aurantiaco ...

Scarlet Creative Wimberley Farmhouse @ The Saturday Sale
Fabulous wood and brick textures throughout this build. Low Impact and airy feel makes this farmhouse fun to decorate. 

Trompe Loeil - Zeeland Couch + Pillows PG - my new favorite with texture hud for cushions and pillows. the bright variety is fun! 

TLC Ibis Collections FATPACK* these birds are animated and only 2LI. Definitely a standout on any porch
Scarlet Ibis Standing C
Scarlet Ibis Standing B
Scarlet Ibis Standing A

TLC Group gift 'Home tweet Home'

KOPFKINO - Tranquility Water Garden Tub (Rust). @ 60L Happy WKND 
the flowers change colors and the water feature is calming. love this for the garden. 

if you have any questions about the rest of the items, shoot me a DM.

…outdoor living ..

...outdoor living ...
Scarlet Creative -Scottsdale Saturday Sale
Only 159 LI this compact build has loads of space. It comes with and without the pool. Lovely neutral wood tones and various levels of living inside make this a home to decorate to your hearts content. Still out from last week's Saturday Sale but don't wait much longer or you'll miss out on this bargain for only 75L

DaD "Positano Garden Set" Exclusive @ Fameshed so don't miss out! The event ends April 27 2022
The Positano Garden Set is a new addition to the Positano Collection. It consists of an open Pergola in the same beautiful stone color and roof tile. Works well with all the Positano products. Great for an outdoor lounge area and enjoying the breeze for real time relaxation or wonderful spot to set up a table and chairs to enjoy with family and friends. Included in the set is a modular system of walls and a richly decorated wrought iron gate to enhance the beauty of your property. LOW LI from 1 - 8. Well worth the investment if you love to decorate outdoor spaces as much as indoors!

… birds in the spring morning …

... birds in the spring morning ...
TLC Budgies_Rainbow Set*@BLOOM
TLC Budgies_Pastels Set*@BLOOM
TLC Budgies_Classic Set* @BLOOM

Each set comes with a Bobbing Budgie, Budgie, companion, and a home. 

When you touch the animal, you will get a menu pop up which will allow you to change the texture, adjust and turn the sound on/off.
Right click on the wearable version in your inventory, and select 'add'.
To adjust the position, right click the animal, select edit and then use the regular SL edit tools to move the bird.
... birds in the spring morning ...
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Complete Set @ BLOOM
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair w/Cushion Adult
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Chair w/Throw Adult
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Table
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Eggs
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Newspaper
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Snowdrop Pot
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Tea Set
Nutmeg. Spring Morning Willow

Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Tulips
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Sofa Adult
Nutmeg. Book Pile / 1
Nutmeg. Book Pile / 4
Nutmeg. Book Pile / 5
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Table
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony Carpet

Nutmeg. Sunroom Purse
Nutmeg. Orchard Treat Falling Apple
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Rose Bonus Item
... birds in the spring morning ...
Apple Fall Recycled Wood Sideboard
[Cinoe] Yellow bliss - Pound cake (Lemon)
[Cinoe] Yellow bliss - Pound cake and coffee (Lemon)

Scarlet Creative Beach House 

… Majestic Daisy by the sea …

... Majestic Daisy by the sea ...
Scarlet Creative Daisy House Revisted for The Saturday Sale

Scarlet Creative Daisy Furniture Pack ( not all items displayed)
Scarlet Creative Daisy Garden Table Aged MC
Scarlet Creative Daisy Garden Chair Aged MC
Scarlet Creative Mae Bench
Scarlet Creative Daisy Bird Cage Aged MC

This incredible sized home is really large and can accomodate any large family. Only 189 prims with beautifully detailed porch, stair railings, Large picture windows, with detailed trim, hallways with scrollwork and marvelous light wood floors. 3 levels, plenty of room for the nooks and crannies as well as family night game room. Neutral blue grey walls, white trim really compliment the furniture pack nicely. Can you tell I love this release? Wait until you see the loft with the soft blue roses. Just special. Easily 4-5 bedrooms. 

TLC Ibis Collections FATPACK*
Bare Faced Ibis Standing C
Bare Faced Ibis Standing B

TLC Canadian Geese FATPACK*
TLC Canadian Goose - Swimming
TLC Canadian Goose - Standing
TLC Canadian Goose Duckling Swimming

any questions about the landscaping shoot me a DM. 

… will the world ever be full of yellow again? …

... will the world ever be full of yellow again? ...
DaD "Rustic Spring Set 
DaD "Rustic French table" square table size c/m
DaD "Table Runner floor" S v.1.0
DaD "Spring Greenery Candle ring B - Lemon" c/m

DaD "Dramatic Curtains Modular Set" This set is all inclusive. Rods, Clips, Different sizes, Pre made link sets and texture hud. This set is all you'll need for window treatments! 
DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 03 right"
DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 03 right" 2
DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 01 left"
DaD "Dramatic Curtains Rod + 1 finals"  S
DaD "Dramatic Curtains Clips" x 3

Scarlet Creative Juniper Floor Rug

Nutmeg. Country Kitchen @ K9
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Towel / 1
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Breakfast Tray
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Counter Stool / 2
Nutmeg. Countryside Kitchen Counter Stool / 1 / Pillow

Nutmeg. Distressed Leather Sofa / 1  Adult - Previous Saturday Sale 

Pitaya - Bohemian Desert - Wood panel long - Saturday Sale

tarte. plants - this weeks 60L Sale
tarte. fiddle leaf fig
tarte. ficus elastica

Elm. Countryside Pool & Pergola [PG]

… dog’s life …

Scarlet Creative Austin Boat - The Saturday Sale - Still Available 75L
There is also a furniture pack full of goodies for only 199L 

Scarlet Creative Alexander Drawers Black MC
Scarlet Creative Austin House Boat
Scarlet Creative Austin Kitchen Wall
Scarlet Creative Darcy Runner Rug Navy MC
Scarlet Creative Letter Press - Love
Scarlet Creative Letter Press Fully Linked Set
Scarlet Creative Nerites Lamp White MC
Scarlet Creative Nerites Wire Armchair MC
Scarlet Creative Rough Luxe Armchair Cotton MC
Scarlet Creative Sara Stripe (for St Germain)Vintage Bed PG
Scarlet Creative Sienna Sectional Spring
{sa} Beach Player Silver White

TLC 'Day at the Lake'Set includes:
'Day At The Lake' Scene NO DOGS
Adult pointer dog
TLC Pointer Pup [Perched] Texture 1
TLC Pointer Pup [Sitting] Texture 3
TLC Pointer Pup [Sitting] Texture 2
Pointer puppies 
REZZ ME_'Day At The Lake' Complete Scene complete with chair, fishing pole, cooler, dock, rocks, cattails, bridge, and sign

-Garden- by anc "susuki grass" field/S 1Li (gold)
{anc} ocean dust // animated 1Li MESH

“A Society Grows Great When Old Men Plant Trees Whose Shade They Know They Shall Never Sit In.”

New for The Saturday Sale Scarlet Creative - Portland Tiny House All 4 colors [White,Navy,Noir and Green] 
included - 75 L 512 Plot + 14 x 11 M 16 LI Realistic Size, 20 LI Scaled up Mod and Copy[ Green scaled up with White+Navy shown in photo]

Portland Furniture Fatpack 199L 
Scarlet Creative Jenna Black Floor Lantern 1
Scarlet Creative Charlotte Stool Regular Stripe
Scarlet Creative Cotswood Stool - Black
Scarlet Creative Jenna Coffee Table
Scarlet Creative Jenna Sofa White - FootStool 0.2 1[inside cabin]
Scarlet Creative Monteverde Bookcase[inside cabin]
Scarlet Creative Tulum Lounger - Grey
Scarlet Creative Tulum Planter Monty
Scarlet Creative Tulum Patio Chair - Black
Scarlet Creative Tulum Footstool - Black

Out through to Sunday

HEART - Buttercups - Patch
Heart - WildFlowers - Foxgloves - Blue -
Heart - Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace 
:Fanatik Architecture: GARDEN PATH 
HPMD* Shrub02 - green a
Skye Enchanted Woods V3 1 
Mithral * Cebu Blue Pendant Planter (Gold)